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  1. This is absolutely ridiculous. Why is shit like this less talked about than fotm tonk? I'm not even sure it makes that much of a difference in terms of real game winning at tier five, but the guns are completely inconsistent. How is it the L/48 has lower pen AND lower accuracy compared to the italian 75/34? How is it the Turan gets the same gun but slightly better? +3 and +2 pen on the ammo and -0,1(s) aim time, with an L/43.

    Why is it that the german tech tree gets shitter versions of similar guns, at a much higher weight drawback?

    Absolute state of World of Tanks.jpg

    1. hall0


      Well one gun has been balanced at 2015 and the other 2022

      Sounds like a joke, but I am pretty sure there is more truth in in than you might believe at first. 

  2. @WhatTheSkara STA-1 is a joy to play, and the Type 61 is in a much better spot now than when I was grinding it due to buffs and especially with the arty changes. The Chi-Ri is absolute dogshit though, so it's good for your mental health that you skipped it. STA-1 is like the FCM 50t but smaller profile and better camo. STA-1 needs top gun, Type 61 is workable without it, but unlike the PTA to Leo 1 grind, the Type 61 is not nearly as good as the STB-1. I'm a shitter, but the STB-1 is ridiculous enough to turn my green gameplay blue.
  3. What is the current unicum tank of choice for random battle dominance? Obj 140, STB-1, E50M still top tier picks?

    1. kolni


      STB is easily the best damage farmer if you can afford loading 40HEAT per game (you need it for snapshots) 

      Leo1 second if you know how to play it well

      907 still if you want to win above all else


    2. Assassin7


      STB because obviously its still the best tank in the game as it always has been since the day it was added. 

      (real talk I don't actually know I haven't played tanks properly in like 2 years)

    3. Strawberry_Milk


      @Assassin7 fired 19 rounds in a game with my STB-1 today with a grand total of zero hits, and I average ~2k dpg in it. World of Tanks is massively frustrating at times.

  4. With Equipment 2.0, have y'all swapped out your setup for something different? I'm running vents, vstab, rammer like I have for the past, almost ten years of having the tank, and I'm not bright enough to understand what would *really* make the tank better. Is my setup the gold standard, or has Equipment 2.0 changed that?
  5. The T55A pulls artillery like Type 61 back when japan was released. Ridiculous

    1. hazzgar


      Try most lights. Had a day when I got 3 full hp pens from arty going full sped in an ebr 105. 

  6. Finally got this after gunning for it since it was released. Thought the personal missions would go a lot quicker so I sold my T-54 back then to get the 140. Now I finally have the T55A, and it's like I'm back in the only t9 I've managed (barely) purple stats in. The gun handling and general *feel* of the tank is very comfy. Leo 1's situational awareness on the commander doesn't work though.
  7. @Deus__Ex__Machina in terms of equipment, vent, vstab and rammer still the go-to? I've been running it a few games now with it and it just feels like a smoother, lower-damage leopard.
  8. Necro, but how is the STB-1 in the 2021 Meta? I loved the thing when it was brand new, but now it feels different to play.
  9. With less than 24h left on the sale. How worth is this thing for someone with both T-34-3 and T-54 Mod 1 in the garage? I'm a returning player, and so my wn8 and general gameplay is pretty dogshit.
  10. Progetto 65 is pretty strong, but surely there are better things to nerf about it than dispersion numbers. Obj 430U is now pennable in the weakspots *most* of the time with t10 gold ammo, rather than just some of the time. GG wargaming Very cool
  11. like a 3-4% loss in penetration for 12% increase in gun handling. Sounds like a fair trade to me.
  12. Anyone know how many crewmembers will fit into the AMX-30? Thinking of training up a crew. Also, what would be the best tank for training one up?

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    2. Overlord_Prime


      FCM is probably a safer bet with pref MM. CDC is good but I don't think you can pull off better stats without pref + skill.

    3. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      That's not to mention that the FCM can still get clutch bounces on the turret a good amount of the time (troll roof) and has enough armor/HP to survive a few controlled trades here and there

    4. Strawberry_Milk


      Got an fcm 50t already with a crew that's going into the 50B. Got the foch 155 crew from winter battles at almsot 100% on the first crewskill, thanks guys!

  13. What tanks would you instantly go for if you had the knowledge you have now back when you started?

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    2. Strawberry_Milk


      Thanks gandaran.

    3. Luna
    4. Zinn


      T30 (heavy) for a free tier 10, tier 9, tier 8 premium and access to the original OP E4.

  14. Anyone got an invite code for NA?

    1. cheesyhoney
    2. cheesyhoney


      t2 light, 7 days prem, 500 gld

    3. Strawberry_Milk
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