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  1. What is the current unicum tank of choice for random battle dominance? Obj 140, STB-1, E50M still top tier picks?

    1. kolni


      STB is easily the best damage farmer if you can afford loading 40HEAT per game (you need it for snapshots) 

      Leo1 second if you know how to play it well

      907 still if you want to win above all else


    2. Assassin7


      STB because obviously its still the best tank in the game as it always has been since the day it was added. 

      (real talk I don't actually know I haven't played tanks properly in like 2 years)

    3. Strawberry_Milk


      @Assassin7 fired 19 rounds in a game with my STB-1 today with a grand total of zero hits, and I average ~2k dpg in it. World of Tanks is massively frustrating at times.

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