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  1. This is absolutely ridiculous. Why is shit like this less talked about than fotm tonk? I'm not even sure it makes that much of a difference in terms of real game winning at tier five, but the guns are completely inconsistent. How is it the L/48 has lower pen AND lower accuracy compared to the italian 75/34? How is it the Turan gets the same gun but slightly better? +3 and +2 pen on the ammo and -0,1(s) aim time, with an L/43.

    Why is it that the german tech tree gets shitter versions of similar guns, at a much higher weight drawback?

    Absolute state of World of Tanks.jpg

    1. hall0


      Well one gun has been balanced at 2015 and the other 2022

      Sounds like a joke, but I am pretty sure there is more truth in in than you might believe at first. 

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