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  1. I do think that post first positioning, the rocket boost mechanic is legitimately fairly balanced and requires some thought, but I also think that its ability to thoughtlessly get you into that first position before any other heavy could possibly be there is more powerful than most people anticipate. Whether that’s to take a traditionally medium location or simply set up a preaimed 800 alpha shot into the heavy line, theres a ton of value there that takes literally no effort to take advantage of. What you do with the rocket boosters after that is just icing on the cake.
  2. Finished every tech tree! I got pretty close to this back in the day, but couldn't bring myself to play arty. Finally broke down and finished the UK/US/RU arty, the last two CN LTs, and with a fairly boring CC-1 Mk.2 match, I finished my last grind.
  3. Hai haswell :3 Some more tanks I'm grinding or finished with: Also finished a couple 3-marks; the FCM 50t and O-I, with the O-I Exp and WZ-120-1 pretty much in the bag at this point too. If I want to finish my JP HT 3mark collection like @leggasiini (love u but u need to spend less time on reddit) I'll need to grab the Type 5 which I'm really not looking forward to. The Type 4 was a difficult mark for me a couple years ago and I can imagine a Type 5 3-mark is even more frustrating. My performance is pretty solid now, 3.8k WN8/65% WN8 this month. Could be better if I hadn't pla
  4. Coming back to this in 2022, the Liberte is still probably the best oldschool T8 prem HT, as long as you don't look at the Mutant too hard. It pops off in T8 games much more comfortably than the IS-6/KV-5 just because it's fairly immune to autoaiming reds even in Skoda T56s or 703 II's. It's definitely old and anyone competent in newage prems will make you feel pretty silly, but it's playable in most situations and infinitely more effective than something truly abandoned like the T34 or FCM. The moment you see another T8 aiming at your hull you have a free 1.5k+ hp to farm and that alone makes
  5. VZ. 51 (czech t9 ht): Actually dislike it? The autoloader really disappointed me, the burst is insane but there's just no reliability and forcing yourself to constantly take these 25 second reloads means you have so much less positioning flexibility. Even though this isnt the meta, I think the single-shot gun is way better at winning games.
  6. 3marking the kv-4k, vstab vs irm? vstab is .11/.11/.10 bloom and irm is .12/.12/.12 w/mobility benefits. tank has good gun handling but bad aimtime, good hp/ton but slow traverse.

    1. Panzergraf


      I don't have it, but just looking at its statistics on tanksgg, I'd go hardening, turbo (mobility slot), rammer. Then maybe swap the turbo for IRM on maps like Ensk where hull traverse trumps top speed. The mob. slot would help the IRM too.

    2. sr360


      That tank is so so so bad!

  7. I think a lot of things have changed in low tiers over the last 3y. Almost everything that would have countered this tank when you played it has been nerfed. Gone are things like the T67, now the best counter you could hope for against this tank is like, a competent, hulldown, lucky, 122mm HEAT KV-1… or just a platoon of leafblowers I challenge anyone to play this in 2022 and not feel guilty. Its super gross. If you cant double the dpg of any other t5 in your garage Id be surprised. Im barely paying attention with years of rust and Im snoozing into 77% WR/6.5k WN8 with enough damage to 3
  8. This tank is extremely busted??? I get that its T5 and a collectors tank so no one cares but holy shit. Insane armor, decent mobility, and a 360 alpha/160 pen howitzer with the highest dpm in tier and such slow velocity that you can literally throw it over walls. Idk how the stats are so low on this tank, I have to imagine people arent looking at how insane the stock gun on this is and just equipping the peashooter. Gun is nearly on the level of prenerf 105 HEAT from a decade ago. Tier for tier this has to be the best tank in the entire game.
  9. Picked up where I left off and 3-marked this, using 90% 15cm AP. It was a lot easier than in my previous attempt, probably because the M44 got nerfed. Played it really safe in bottom tier matches (probably only like 1500 dpg) and abused every top tier match to farm 3k+ dpg. Its definitely worse as bottom tier now because your HE only tickles. Really strong tank but not as fun as the KV2 and a lot more frustrating.
  10. Hopefully someone who is struggling with the italian t9 heavy will come across this, use turbocharger. Hardening+Turbo+Vstab in slot 1, optics/vents over hardening for slot 2 for open maps. Its so fucking slow that it barely ever functions as a support tank. Instantly fixed with a turbo, especially if you have bounty turbo or ground out the mobility slot. You go from terrible emil clone to something actually a little unique. That gun is good, just not on something that slow.
  11. Some more tanks Ive tried since coming back! Prog 54 (ITA T8 HT): It’s solid all around, but held back by awful sustained damage output. VERY fast, very flexible. Very little bully power for carrying T8 games. Stock grind is terrible; the gun is awful, no armor, barely moves without a slope. TNH 105/1000 (CZ T8 HT): Really weird, I don’t like it. Its a flex heavy that tries to do everything but just ends up feeling confused. Even at its best, when you really need a decent gun and some armor and mobility, its just a worse renegade. About as boring too, but not a dumpster fire like the
  12. Playing a little more this year, its been a really chill experience ^_^ Right now Im trying out the new weird american heavy line, but Im only on the T7. The pawlack was enjoyable and super cute, but I dont like playing in T6. The M-II has been more fun just because of its tiering. I was really worried about that giant turret tumor but Ive actually come to like it. People always try for it instead of going for something easier. Thats about it in-game! Im mostly just relaxing. Real life has been super good to me this year. Im happy. Im a couple years into HRT now and, other than
  13. I wish I could point you to a community, but Im not sure if there are any active groups for ex wot trans people. The few I know of are mostly quiet now, most of us have moved on. Im glad you got to be yourself after all this time, btw! I hope your next year is even better ^^
  14. Wont deny any of that, the CDC is a horrible platform.
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