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  1. This is trash. The new perks suck ass for a multitude of reasons, especially proc based situational ones. They don't work in any game, I can't believe someone greenlit that idea. Creates a huge gap between 7+ skill crews and lower level crews. You don't have amazing crews? Fuck yourself. New players can look forward to literally never being on even footing with veterans. I'll end up with 50%+ more crew skill then the other players in the match after 3 kills and a burned medkit. That's fucking stupid. I'm not even playing the same game at that point. How much you benefit from the crew conversions depends entirely on whether you kept a small number of good crews or a lot of okay ones. You honestly might as well quit the game if you did the latter because of the above reason. Incredibly disappointing. Give everyone sixth sense and then literally never touch the system again, wargaming.
  2. I'm going to lock this thread for now. There's nothing wrong with your question, but don't make multiple one-liner threads. If you want to ask tiny questions like this, we have a thread dedicated to that. You can also post a status update.
  3. T29 > Tiger 1 > O-Ni > everything else. King Tiger (Captured) is also reasonably good from what I've seen, but I don't have any experience playing it.
  4. Fought with myself to buy one more set of 11 boxes before the event was over, but I ended up realizing how dumb that was 10 boxes in when all I'd gotten is 500 extra gold instead of a large pizza. then the 11th box came inside of me, so im much more okay about going hungry. TBH getting a GSOR and Bourr in $40 was lucky af.
  5. I wouldn't automatically default to turbo, vents is still strong. I don't really see Turbo in the same way I see other equipment, it's highly dependent on playstyle and we don't really know how it works in regards to the gearbox stats. You need to have enough experience in a tank to know whether it's actually competitive. Meanwhile you literally can never go wrong with vents. IRM's gun handling improvement when combined with vstab and compared with vents is incredibly marginal. Taking the 430U for example, Vstab+IRM is 0.10/0.08 bloom and .36 accuracy. Vstab+Vents is 0.11/0.08 bloom and .35 accuracy. You're not going to feel the difference. What you will feel is the traverse speed, which is always useful on a brawling medium. Basically, unless you don't have vstab, I really can never recommend IRM to fix bad gun handling. Taking that all into account, I would still use vents on a 430U. I feel like the traverse speed is good enough as it is, the extra DPM is nice, and I'm not sure if it can hit 460 VR without vents. GLD is an interesting question. The problem with using it is that very, very few meds have such awful of gun handling they'd consider GLD. Those that do are at a low enough tier that using a slot for something other than VR seems silly. The only high tier med that I can think of that could use GLD is the Chimera, and I'd hesitate to recommend anything on a tank I haven't played. GLD itself isn't bad but it's not very usable on any current medium. In the Leo's case I would run IRM if the gun handling was frustrating me too much. The Leo's traverse speeds are godawful and hurt its general mobility, so IRM is particularly nice. You would also run any of the VR equipment before GLD.
  6. Anyone use the aimtime indicator mod? Feels pretty good, would recommend.

    1. lavawing


      I don't use mods because they're as unfair and unsportsmanlike as firing gold ammo :nanodoge:

    2. Private_Miros


      Yes, as part of Aslain's modpack. It's interesting, but not sure if that useful. I notice I don't really take heed of it in battle itself.

    3. dustygator


      It's been a must have for me for at least a few years (since I started using Aslain).

      Shell flight time is the most valuable bit (especially for arty), but the dynamic aim time is great as well. Being able to time peeking before reload is fully finished, having a reference point when deciding whether to snap shot/aim partially/aim fully.

      There is also a dynamic shot dispersion display; I have it disabled, but am interested in using it to test out some theories on equipment & gun handling.

  7. Here are some things to keep in mind for your medium equipping journey: The lower tier you are, the more broken VR equipment becomes. At T4/5 I would recommend running Binocs on virtually every med. At T6/7, I think it's highly questionable to not run at least optics. The 445 rule is oft the recommendation at T8-10; that is, get 445 VR with optics if you need to and vents if you don't. I don't think this is a good rule of thumb, almost nothing will get spotted at 445m with 445 VR. You need 460 VR to spot even the largest heavies moving at 445m. Aim for that instead, the diminishing returns start there. Vstab is always better than IRM. I wouldn't run IRM on any med. I would run vstab, no question, on any med with worse than ~0.10 bloom. I would still say it's an S tier equip with low bloom tanks, but it's no longer unquestionable. I would not drop rammer on any med. It is too easy to sustain DPM compared to other classes. There are not rules of thumb for turbo yet, sadly. Especially for mediums. You need a slot to even consider it though, and generally it is not considered on the same level as Rammer or Vstab. I also would recommend having 460 VR before thinking about it. Try it on tanks like the M48, M60, 140, 62a, Bourr, etc. that have low equipment requirements to have great VR and no bloom.

    1. GehakteMolen


      getting blown up mid air was unlucky, but did add something to it :P

    2. SchnitzelTruck


      Now this is podracing!

    3. echo9835


      Oh Baby a Tripple!

  9. Actually he might be right, I found some of my old screenshots and I can't find damage dealt, even personally. You can sort of tell by how many pens you had but that's all I see.
  10. You've always been able to see damage done after a game, at least since the beta test. We just didn't have a damage log during the match. edit: bad memory! see below
  11. It's nice to see some math and get some idea of how IRM/Vstab stack up to a future bounty IAU. It'll definitely be a much more solid option than the standard one. Nearly doubling in effectiveness (for non-tds) jumps it into actually competitive territory. IRM+VStab combining multiplicatively was already known, I think? It's already a very off-meta combination for almost any tank, I only really see good players using it on one or two specific tanks. You might see it on a T34 or something, and I think that still makes sense. I think the big hurdle of bounty IAU here isn't so much IRM, but iVents and bounty Vents. It's competitive when you run out of those, but I'm having a hard time seeing someone ever wanting a 9% IAU over 8.5% vents.
  12. tomato.gg looking kinda good, combines wotlabs, wot-news, and wotgarage features in one smooth website. got your session stats, tank curves, moe, etc.

    feels kind of like betrayal to use it thooo

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Never


      I'd love some feedback on that. What do you think I could add to improve the WoTLabs experience?

    3. Rexxie


      One big thing that stands out to me is having something similar to tomato's session log. Wotlabs' period breakdowns are great, but being able to see all your individual sessions at a glance and break those down is wonderful. At the very least making the current breakdowns more visible and not entirely hidden behind a Show button might be an improvement. I think that's info a lot of people are interested in seeing but might not know exists.

      I also like that you can see your WGR there. I know it gets memed on, but it's something casual players like looking at.

      Tank curves are also huge to me, but I'm not sure that's entirely within what you see for wotlabs. It also sounds a little expensive to actually make useful :(

      I know this is absolutely outside of wotlabs' scope, but if there's a developer out there with more storage capacity than sense, any VBA replacement site would instantly become the most popular fansite in the game. There's a lot of demand. Showing the most effective/popular equipment/crew configs, tank economy stats helping people decide what to buy, etc. are all things people adored and just don't exist currently.

    4. mistervanni


      yea i feel like vbaddict is the most missed resource with no real alternative

      also the fact that tomato.gg pulls from NA seems to skews things so much compared to other similar sites, considering lower population and how that affects data

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