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  1. Dusty pretty much nailed it. The economy of modern WoT is SO much more forgiving to people who don't pay. You've got constant giveaways, missions and campaigns. A much more charitable referral system (+100% creds and XP every game for ~300 games) on top of the +15% platoon bonus, a more streamlined tech tree, and the free side of the battle pass. You just get showered in rewards and the grind doesn't really slow down until T8/9. I will say though that yes, balance between mediocre tech tree tanks and meta premiums is beyond fucked. The playing field has never been more uneven, especially towards a newer player. I still think that actually being able to progress makes up for it, though.
  2. I honestly felt like the T5 was kind overpowered? Super fast, really useful turret armor and a pretty meaty gun for the tier. Great pen with APCR too, 175 will work on basically anything you're gunna fight. Felt like I could always get my gun on target. The T6 though, wow. It might be the worst tank in the game. Some of the bottom-feeding T6 TDs might give it a run for its money just because it has a turret, but I don't know. Moves like a churchill, one of the worst 220-250 alpha guns in the game, poorly armored, low HP, anemic view range. Almost everything that could go wrong on this tank has gone wrong. It's a T5, and if WG wants to shoehorn it into T6 without changing its role it needs to have TOG levels of HP. Obviously looking forward to the T7, I'll probably run the T6 for a doubles for a couple days and free xp the rest. edit: oh thank god i have a fuckton of polish blueprints
  3. Which of the recruit+commander referral reward tanks do you guys think is most worthwhile? The recruit is a brand new player but already better than pubs. I was thinking the 122-44 for them and the T26E5 for me, but maybe they'd be better off with the Panth M10 so they can train a Leo crew.

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    2. echo9835


      Warcrime panther is the best of the tanks available for sure.

    3. HowitzerBlitzer


      holy shit this is my first time seeing Rexxie in forever

    4. Strigonx


      112 is actually quite decent for a tier 8 with pref MM, UFP is still immune to standard ammo and angled it can reliably bounce stuff because same UFP as the 113, gun handling and pen got a minor buff when they did the pref MM tanks buff and its decently fast, just don't expect to hit anything beyond 100-200m of range

  4. Playing through the T8 and really not enjoying myself, feels like a Ferdinand with a damaged gun and half the HP ripped away before the battle even starts. Really ridiculous that something this big and slow needs to make do with 1000 HP.
  5. ...there's a T8 prem medium with 440 alpha, 250 APCR, 200+ turret armor,  and -10 gun dep?:rabble:

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    2. RC_Tank


      Wait until you've seen some of the tier 10s they've added

    3. PityFool


      Hi Rex, long time :)

      At least the chimera is a reward tank, and its strong but still in the realm of balanced. There's far worse running around.

    4. Strigonx
  6. First time playing since 2018! Mostly pleasant! I'm really impressed at how much better the new/free player experience is. There's still a lot I can complain about and some things are obviously worse than when I left, but I'm having fun playing with a new player, which is a first for me. Oh I'm a girl now. I cant see my health bar when my tits are covering the screen, so I always just assume it's infinite and yolo in on every tank I play. It doesn't work. I don't care.
  7. I miss you all! I remember sitting down loading up WoT on release day, I was just a kid sitting in a loveseat clicking on pixel tanks with an old laptop that's now under my bed. So many years, but my favorite was around the time of the first campaign, 2013.
  8. stmrbG3hr2c.jpg
    This decal is coming in patch 1.8. Thought you should know. 

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    2. Wanderjar


      "Korean cat" - unhistorical, group: Special, format 1 on 1, direction from right to left, you can flip it though. the price is 110 gold.

    3. Rexxie



    4. Wanderjar


      want isn't the same as need :P 

  9. love you

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    2. orzel286


      Awwwwwww <3



      Post feet pics. :doge:

    3. SkittlesOfSteeI


      I hope you love you too

    4. Rexxie


      oh im adorable dont worry

  10. Oh hai. 



    1. Rexxie



  11. csm2RQD.png because theres not enough autism around here any more. 

  12. Rexxie


    I'd track you down for a kiss, hun
  13. This got to me eventually too. WG's map design philosophy changed (or just became more apparent) in 2014 or so to accommodate the idea that every class should have one specific flank on the map. It's so boring, and once WG finished their map transition with 1.0, all the fun was sucked out of the game for me. I was tired of doing the same thing every single game because it was so optimal that I might as well not have clicked battle if I tried otherwise. I could go on forever about everything that went wrong, but at the end of the day it's just Wargaming's soulless take on game design that finally did the game in. They've been trying to squeeze the game dry since the day it released, but at least for those first few years they didn't know how. It just took them a few more years to implement everything on their checklist.
  14. the more I think back on it, the funnier it is to me that people would join a clan to specifically play with redditers

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