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  1. stmrbG3hr2c.jpg
    This decal is coming in patch 1.8. Thought you should know. 

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    2. Wanderjar


      "Korean cat" - unhistorical, group: Special, format 1 on 1, direction from right to left, you can flip it though. the price is 110 gold.

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    4. Wanderjar


      want isn't the same as need :P 

  2. love you

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    2. orzel286


      Awwwwwww <3



      Post feet pics. :doge:

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      I hope you love you too

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      oh im adorable dont worry

  3. Oh hai. 



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  4. csm2RQD.png because theres not enough autism around here any more. 

  5. Rexxie


    I'd track you down for a kiss, hun
  6. This got to me eventually too. WG's map design philosophy changed (or just became more apparent) in 2014 or so to accommodate the idea that every class should have one specific flank on the map. It's so boring, and once WG finished their map transition with 1.0, all the fun was sucked out of the game for me. I was tired of doing the same thing every single game because it was so optimal that I might as well not have clicked battle if I tried otherwise. I could go on forever about everything that went wrong, but at the end of the day it's just Wargaming's soulless take on game design that finally did the game in. They've been trying to squeeze the game dry since the day it released, but at least for those first few years they didn't know how. It just took them a few more years to implement everything on their checklist.
  7. the more I think back on it, the funnier it is to me that people would join a clan to specifically play with redditers

  8. i cant believe i became one of those mmo nerds, please end me

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    2. Haswell


      What are you playing? I need to join. :doge:

    3. Rexxie
    4. SoliDeoGloria


      Sounds like you're in a better place now, as opposed to weegee

  9. Raj

    god you're adorable

    1. Rexxie


      h-hey! thanks!

  10. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like it, there's nothing USB-related in there, just a lot of tools and drivers if you happen to use some very specific hardware setups. I'd be surprised if its actually my USB controller, my girlfriend has the same issue with a different mobo but same mouse. edit: Some more weird tidbits, this only happens when the mouse is moving on the main monitor. Moving it on my secondary monitor causes no real CPU usage. edit edit: Also somewhat worryingly, I see a ton of people mentioning this problem online, but not a single conclusive fix being posted. Ouch. Doesn't seem related to the mouse at all, this probably isn't something I'm going to be able to fix.
  11. ASRock AB350 Pro 4, I haven't installed any of the mobo BIOS updates, if that's what you mean? I could try that, but I haven't noticed anything else off & think any BIOS updates my board has are more for better memory support.
  12. Quick summary: My CPU (Ryzen 3 1200) is being obliterated by my mouse (Steelseries Rival 300). By how much is highly dependent on what I set my mouse polling rate to; moving the mouse causes a minimum of a 10% jump in CPU usage at a 125hz polling rate, up to ~30% CPU usage at 1000hz. I'm confused because by all accounts I've read, mouse polling rate should cause next to no impact on performance. I am using the basic mouse drivers along with steelseries engine (steelseries' mouse settings software). I've also made sure it's actually causing performance issues in applications; my framerate in anything CPU-bottlenecked drops by that same 10-30%, dependent on polling rate. For now I've just set my polling rate to 125hz, but I'm honestly curious what is actually going on here. I have never heard of a modern CPU having this kind of issue. I also have a friend with the same mouse who also sees relatively the same CPU usage and FPS drops when moving their Rival, so my first bet would be a pretty horrible bug in an relatively common mouse. (Win10, no over/underclocking, on an RX480, mouse is wired via USB3)
  13. dwarf fortress on steam!! ^~^

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