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  1. Okay, if it was buffed that helps a little. Tanks.gg still has it listed as 0.36 dispersion/380 VR. 0.2 track bloom is bad gun handling no matter how you slice it, but if it has 0.32 dispersion that helps the issue a lot. If WG wants to stop the crying, they need to just stop selling game ruining tanks alongside their new offers. Their "we wont nerf them" attitude towards it all is horrible practice, too. I appreciate all the work they're putting into this tie-in to help sell an otherwise "normal" tank, though.
  2. Kinda curious about the tank itself, tanks.gg stats look kinda... mediocre? It's like a Pershing sidegrade. Better turret armor and 40 alpha, but that gun handling is kinda trash for an american med. The standard rounds are also some of the worst in tier & APCR are some of the best, so it's another goldspammer. Looks like a 2015 tank to me. I'm happy it's balanced, but there's no reason to play it while the other options are still busted strong.
  3. Just came back a couple months ago, too. There's still like 10k online, the game's playerbase hasn't changed much in two years. There was that huge drop after 2016 but since then it's just hovered around the same numbers. Map balance is as terrible as it was when 1.0 came out, t8-10 tank balance is probably even worse than you remember. Everything else is pretty much business as normal. sela still plays!
  4. It went down to T5 and lost the god 122 a long time back, which you probably remember. It was good at T5 too, basically just a KV-1 with better mobility. Recently they decided that the KV-1S is going to be at T6 again, but with the same cannons it had at T5. It does get some pretty good handling on its derp, but otherwise it's literally just an uptiered T5 tank. Right now it feels like a dumpster derp Jumbo, but whatever.
  5. Today's 3-mark: What a disappointing way for the KV-1S to end up. This tank was my baby, but wow did it not age well. The only thing propping it up is how broken HEAT still is.
  6. Pref MM is underrated now. E-50 dropped off the radar after we got stuff like the Standard B, buffed PTA, Obj 430, etc, but it's still absurd & better than most of those tanks are or were. Hardening is on the same level as rammer/vstab and is still underrated. The Fox skin for the CS-52 is kinda ugly. Blueprints, crewbooks, boosters, and 5x xp missions are all given out way too generously and were terrible ideas. The unicum playstyle is propped up by goldspam and I think it's disingenuous to pretend it's not. Exposure limiting is most of what makes someone a unicum. Good positioning is only half the equation, the other half is never needing to aim. The sigma nerf absolutely shit on the idea of a unicum aiming normally and it hasn't been viable since.
  7. That's really the main issue. Vstab/Rammer/Hardening are really strong. Of the three, I think Rammer is the only one you can think about dropping. That makes using turbocharger a lot less obvious than if you were running something mediocre like vents. If it wasn't for that, I would totally agree that Turbo is amazing on a Maus. As it is I feel like it's more of a playstyle question vs rammer.
  8. ts-5 lookin pretty juicy :neko:

    1. PityFool


      I thought so too, when I bought it last year.

      Spoiler, its a disappointment

    2. lavawing


      Do you enjoy tanks that are shit to play and shit to play against?

      Would you play a turretless Chrysler that's slow?

      Do you believe that hard accuracy is meaningless?

      If your answer to all three questions is yes, by all means go and grab it.

  9. What kind of monitor are you playing the game with? Looks really beautiful at that resolution & with your settings
  10. 10,300 combined loss in the standard b, time to curl up 

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      need that premium accountt

  11. It's just a bit fun autoloading out 2400 damage before most heavies can reload. If you're gunna play in such a boring tier you might as well have some fun in gimmick tanks. Its definitely average at best and the T9 is way better for the tier, but I'd heartily recommend it over letting Russian Medium #12 sit collecting dust in your garage
  12. Do we know how much shooting the drive wheels on tracks increases module damage? I'm curious how much hp your tracks need to have before they start taking multiple hits to break.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      I always thought it was full "device" damage for a hit to the drive wheels and 1/3 damage for a hit anywhere else on the suspension, but it's been a long time since I looked at stuff like that.

    3. Rexxie


      @lavawing I'm trying to find some breakpoints for hardening. Mostly, which heavies can take two hits, and whether or not any medium can manage it. The whole not-being-tracked thing feels powerful but I'm not sure if the maths will pan out to allow it on meds.

      @Jesse_the_Scout I thought so too, but I couldn't reproduce it in a training room. Shooting anywhere on the suspension seemed to do entirely normal/full module damage. Shooting the drive wheel did enough module damage that a 360 HP track broke after a 150 HP hit. If its a multiplier, it's at least more than 2x, but I havent managed to figure it out yet.

    4. HowitzerBlitzer


      I always thought it went off of shot calibre, but they might've changed it in the years since I've played. 

  13. I voted for the 111-15/Foch and against the Badger/FV/AMX M4. I really don't like the Badger, it's really boring. I sold mine not too long ago. Its just a Tort with the fun bits stripped away. Save 3m and rebuy that instead. Do you have a 215b 183? I guess you could pick up the FV4005 if you don't have one. M4 54 I'm the least sure about, but I don't see it working. Would be a really good tank without the shoulders...
  14. Slowly recovering my stats, I'm just barely back to unicum recents. I'll be back to superuni by the end of the year, but I'm still making stupid mistakes. Bad map reads, autopiloting, that sort of thing. It has been quite the journey though, learned a lot about the new meta over the last couple months.
  15. Now that I'm back I really want to find time to update this, but it's a bit of an undertaking & I would feel a lot more confident about doing it with a unicum that could give input. I could also just post them here as I make them & gather some feedback that way. Either way it's going to be pretty slow, but Okeano did a pretty nice job with this and it deserves some TLC. I'm just stretched a bit thin right now so commitment to rewriting this entirely solo is probably not a great idea.
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