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  1. mdCa1g0.png

    Obj 907, previous reigning king of bouncing shots in a med, vs newcomer T-22sr at roughly the same angle.



    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Ran into some teal shitter with one yesterday. He didnt know how to use it at all and still had a 1.0 armor ratio and 75% win rate.

    2. monkey10120


      Armor is still crap. Ran into a purple in one when I was in my T-10 and solod him. AP went through his upper play every time. I dont see how people are bouncing this thing

    3. Rexxie


      Not crap in the slightest. The tank isn't a front armor standoff tank. It's like as if you drove a KV-5, parked in front of someone, and thought the armor was trash because a T7 penned your R2D2s every shot.


      Similarly to the KV-5, the way you get this armor to shine is just baiting shots into your side. I mean, look at that picture - do you really think a pubbie is going to shoot the UFP instead of trying to go through the side at that angle? People call the 907 troll for this very reason, but this is a 907 with even better side armor, a stronger turret, a stronger LFP, and no roof overmatch. Not to mention it has the best gun handling in the game and moves like a batchat, so good luck hitting that profile.

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