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  1. Personal pet peeve, a reoccurring situation:

    Shitlord2001 camps the base all game, his team folds for one reason or another.

    Shitlord2001: "Shit team!!!"

    Rexxie: "...you actively contributed to the loss by sitting in the back of the map."

    Shitlord2001: "Lol, look at my damage numbers and tell me that again"

    Top damage on team, but 80% of it was in the final thirty seconds of the match. When will people realize dealing 3k damage long after the game has been lost is not actually dealing 3k damage. It's not just baddies who fall for this trap, but anyone salty about a loss. Usually a blue or unicum, in fact.

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    2. Inciatus


      @Fabunil thats what you get for sealclubbing

    3. Greatspank


      @Zezti CluelessTard69: [all chat] "kill this debile team!" it was his inspirational last word that led you guys to victory :serb:

    4. Inciatus


      Or the artillery that ping the map repeatedly because no-one went to that flank and call for help and then proceed to stay there and shout obscenities. Its like you recognized there was a problem and instead of doing literally anything you decided to stay there and blame others for your death. How inept can you be?

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