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  1. Trying out my M4A1 Rev rental:


    Yeah, okay Wargaming, you totally know how to balance tanks. All the new premiums make everything I've bought up to this point floor trash.

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    2. Monkey


      I find the Löwe buff to be very similar. All it needed, in my eyes, was better mobility. And then they buffed its mobility, armor and gun depression. It gives me the feeling that they are in the process of buffing a lot of tanks to even out the scene. But maybe that is overestimating..

    3. Rexxie


      I do want to try the Lowe, but the cost is keeping me away, as always. I might be able to talk myself into 30 USD for the Rev, but twice that for a Lowe is too steep for me.

      Heard it rocks though, so if there's ever an opportunity to win it I'll definitely go for it.

    4. Monkey


      Another change that I would welcome is 440 alpha on the T34 in light of the supertest 120mm changes. But I guess that isn't really meant for tier 8s.

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