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  1. I've legitimately gotten TK'd/pushed into fire/bodyblocked etc. every other game since I started playing again. What gives? I don't speak in chat and no one knows who the fuck PBKAC is anymore, where is this latent pubgression coming from? Trying to play WoT is hard enough without my allies actively participating in my failure.

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    2. Kolni


      That's what WoT is these days. A bunch of toxic degenerates spamming 268v4 and since they pay WG gladly caters

    3. KruggWulf


      When Rexxie is pissed off about the community's behavior, it HAS to be bad.

    4. Fulcrous


      Oh, it's just about one of the most toxic communities. I've "soft" quit and basically only play pubs when I literally can't be bothered to do anything else. The game devolved into a program that guarantees frustration 100% of the time.

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