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  1. ...there's a T8 prem medium with 440 alpha, 250 APCR, 200+ turret armor,  and -10 gun dep?:rabble:

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    2. ZXrage


      One thing to note about the Chimera and tier 8 is that 440 alpha is a lot more common now. The 252 and VK 100 get 440 alpha and amazing platforms to use them, Mauerbrecher gets 440 alpha too if you can stomach the terribleness of it, VK 7501 gets even more at 490 but it's not a stellar tank, even WZ-120 TD gets 440 and a better platform for punishing lower tiers because its a TD. It's kinda like what the T34 used to suffer, what's 400 alpha to a plethora of 390 and 400 gun options in the tier with better platforms to use

    3. Rexxie


      Looking a bit further into it, it looks like the Bourrasque actually comes pretty close? The other tanks are still pretty bad in comparison but it looks like a superuni could get a bit more milage out of the Bourrasque at least, I think ZXrage is really on-point there.

      Basically the data says bourrasque > chimera >>> everything else for unicums, and chimera > bourrasque >>> everything else for everyone else, and honestly I can see that.

    4. Rexxie


      @ZXrage Yeah that makes sense, there's definitely an alpha creep now and getting 400+ alpha without the miserable platforms you used to have to deal with for it is a lot more common.

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