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  1. Feels like crew skills need a serious overhaul, in terms of a new player handicap they're the worst offender. New players are almost entirely useless in anything except heavies because of how mandatory camo and sixth are and I think a lot of the complaining about being taken out by "invisible tanks" is because literally every crew is blind by default. Especially if a newbie doesn't know that you need camo in everything else, they can easily fuck themselves over by taking something dumb like repairs for thousands of battles.

    I also feel like vision abuse is too strong in early tiers for the same reason, low tier gameplay would be a lot less stupid if concealment didn't literally double your camo.

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    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      All WG had to do as a stopgap was make 6th sense part of the base game and reset all commander skills. But ya know. Gotta wait until some full skill system arrives 4-8 years later.

      Vision is crazy in WoT because everything starts off with no view range (300m-ish base) and eventually becomes absurd (400m-ish base). At the same time tanks are small (thus with good camo) and become large (with bad camo). So at low tier nothing can see anything else until 250m, at mid tier one tank can see another at 445 and the other tank can't counter spot until 230m, and then at high tier everything sees everything else all the time at ~400m or so. Basically for gameplay purposes tier 6 is probably the most coherent tier because the heavies have ~350m, the meds have ~365m, the lights have ~375m, and the camo values are similarly evened out.

    3. Assassin7


      They were supposed to drop sixth and give it to everyone for free as a basic skill like.... 5 years ago? Idk why they havent done that yet.

      They did it in ships after only like a year in release. Idk why they havent done it in tanks. It would be a gigantic positive change

    4. Rexxie


      What they did was give newbies a mission to get one free T3 that happens to have sixth sense on the commander. So they learn about sixth in the tutorial, aren't given it, then get given it later on along with one free T3 tank as a mission reward. Then most of them lose it as soon as they finish that T3 and don't realize they need to keep that crew, or they play a different nation and lose it entirely.

      It was literally the worst possible fix for the sixth sense problem possible, probably worse than not giving it at all.

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