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  1. Anyone else struggle with Kharkov? Field has no arty cover whatsoever and is mostly just meds/lts feeding camping tds and clickers. Town has three lanes with a superheavy staring down each one. I cant figure out how to get reliable results in anything other than a superheavy.

    1. Rexxie


      Those barriers they added to the entrance of each of the "lanes" completely ruined the way I play the map. You cant flank now. IMHO WG obliterated the map when they reworked it.

    2. SkittlesOfSteeI


      Literally impossible to flank now. All sides are complete stalemates you just wait and hope to trade. Banned that stupid map

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      I thought it was one of the better new maps. It seems pretty fap-worthy in a light tank at least, because the bushes in the field allow for good (if risky) scouting, and there are bushes scattered in ways to allow you to ambush enemies that try to push past the center of the map. TD, just sit and cover your medium pushers and light tanks. The city itself sucks, but I've always hated "drive into face hope for best" areas.

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