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  1. Been watching a lot of superunis lately and one thing that stood out to me (compared to normal unis and lower) is how okay they are with not every match being a monster match. If the MM/map/team isn't going to let them do it, they don't try to force it. They play with the cards dealt to them and don't try to rip different cards out of the dealer's hand, so to speak.

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    2. churchill50


      The issue is getting myself to remember that right before I decide to make a stupid play.

      Knowing it is one thing, application is quite another sadly.

    3. GehakteMolen


      Yeah, what wot always made great was the super fast agressive game`s, that kind of gameplay is now totally dead (my average battle time always used to be ~4 minutes for the first few years)

      Tossing away my T54 in the first minute to screw the enemy Maus (old players know the trick ^^) would result in wins and winning is everything.

      That simply doesnt work, rushing hill on Karelia doesnt bring anything, if you die for it, even on mines, not taking hill and living is sometimes better as taking it and dieing...

      Imo a shame the game became so campy...

    4. Raj


      This has always been true. You can just let several enemies exist and grind them down while they try to cap your base and you have easy shots on them. This is what can seperate high 4k/low 5k dpg from low4k high 3k dpg players.

      why would you engage somewhere if you know you can disengage and let the battle go a certain way so you can farm enemies better from a different position?

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