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  1. Consumables/Equipment are on a 25% sale on NA, I think this is the first time for equipment since equip 2.0? Consumables might go for 50% before the end of the year, but I'd be very surprised to see a bigger equipment sale for a very long time. 25% off might be the standard sale from now on, they are probably really happy with how many creds equip 2.0 is draining out of the economy.

    1. dustygator


      I am getting the sense that the new schedule for 50% equipment sales are now semi-annual: ~mid-Jan as part of Holiday celebrations & July 4th (conveniently 6months apart). And then sprinkled in between those two will be 25% off sales in April/October.

      As someone who is loathe to pay full price for equipment, I've gone ahead and installed IRM/Hardening on a handful of tanks that need them and that I expect to play between now and January. I will hold off on my main stock-up until a proper 50% off sale come around.

    2. Balthazars


      Welp, there goes all my credits! But yes, I think equipment will likely only be sold again maybe at Christmas but likely not at the old 50%, they know people want to try out new options here so no reason to discount the credit cost too much.

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