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  1. I just don't get the T-54LT. It feels like a T8 light in every single way. Like a derpy, depressionless, fat LT432 with worse armor.

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    2. Nicarasu


      I really enjoyed the tank when it was at tier 8, it isn't nearly as good at tier 9 though. It was always a bit derpy sometimes though.

    3. lavawing


      54 lwt was used as a medium in tier 8 CW - before the T-44s were buffed to demigodliness

      I'm not sure what tier 8 CW would look like these days but I'd expect it to consist of either fast heavies or very fast mediums

    4. ZXrage


      I'm sure 8 CW would consist of mostly premium tanks. A mix of spaghettis and 75 TS'es, with maybe the EBR or LT432 for lights

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