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  1. Actually curious how people go about 3marking things like the IS-6 nowadays. There's a couple people managing 2.7k+ dpg in it and I wish I could ask them how.

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    2. flare_phoenix


      The 112 is pretty broken imo, the hull armor has been stronger than the 113’s since the lower plate was buffed to 140mm. The gun handling does suck but the heat pen and the insane armor mean that it’s very capable. 

      Thanks for the replay analyzer info. Also, Pity, while I certainly enjoyed the fcm’s speed and dpm, the gun handling was pretty frustrating. Though it would probably be overpowered with good handling, it sucked having such bad bloom/aimtime on 240 alpha.

    3. sr360


      On 11/19/2020 at 5:41 PM, Rexxie said:

      I don't know if I can agree, getting 1500 combined dmg for a T92 3-mark is possibly the easiest 3 mark any player could hope for. Lights that have really bad firepower (like the t92) basically just hand you 3-marks as long as you dont play them like EBRs.

      Even when you cant get assisted damage, double bush camo sniping for a paltry 1500 is way, way easier then having to farm 2600 HP worth of Defenders and TS-5s with 181 pen.

      T92 is not 1500 combined (I just 3-marked it a few weeks ago) -- it's closer to 2400 combined. And in an era rife with EBRs zipping around it isn't as easy as it sounds. Having said that, it is easier (for someone like me) than the IS-6.

      Also, I don't know which IS-6 you play, but mine has 225 pen :) 

    4. Rexxie


      I was going off of the 3mark garage mod, had no idea it was that inaccurate. I guess the 7201k having 7k marks should have set off some warning signs in my brain, lol.

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