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  1. Any Murovanka advice? South spawn specifically. Vast majority of the time the forest just gets absolutely swarmed and dunked on. Winrate has dropped from 70% to 50% after the reworks. Should I just be base camping? Is forest just trash now?

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    2. hazzgar


      Aah yeah if you have armor then that position works. Always wondered how to do it with lightly armored tanks. There is one weird bush Iyouxin was using and I use it from time to time but it's risky and doesn't work if the heavies decide to camp further back

    3. Rexxie


      @PityFoolI'll have to try that spot out! Looks pretty good for sidescrapers! How is arty there? Feels a little exposed to the east half of the redline.

      That's also my first time watching a 279e replay, holy shit lmao. Feel kinda bad for that Maus and Tort, they got really screwed by pen RNG there. Landed five or six hits that had 60% chance to pen and bounced them all.

    4. PityFool


      @Rexxie imo it's one of the safer spots on the map from arty. I find most clickers like to sit down in the dips on the west redline behind the TDs. As hazzgar mentioned, it is possible to remain completely unspotted in that position. You just need to squash a tree I think and stick to the right side of the front house. I've done it successfully but it requires a bit of camo, it's also a big no-no if they push across to your side of the hollow.  

      Anything with good side or turret armour works really well there. You can pretty much guarantee your team wins that flank with that position. Also yes, 279e is dumb.

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