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  1. wot has such shit map design. we put our entire team in one square and won 11:0


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    2. PityFool


      Empires Border: Massive advantage to south spawn, quicker climb up the hill in south means they catch north spawn heavies halfway up.

      Mines: North team gets up hill first

      Minsk: South spawn has a platform that allows them to shoot enemy tanks contesting the middle undetected and with a height advantage.

      Mountain Pass: LOL

      Pearl River: North spawn seems to have timing advantage for both middle and north areas

      Redshire: South spawn gets to farm enemy heavy cross + easily punish their LTs 

      Studzianzki: Win the middle ditch or lose

    3. GehakteMolen


      mountain pass seems win-wise balanced imo, unless u loose to many crossing, once they cross, the balcony side has it much easier clearing this side. If i loose, its because the team fails to push into enemy base succesfull.

      On mines its more tanks / spawn place of your fast tanks / courage as map side, i loose hill equal much on both side (and if arty pre aims mid, instead of relocating fast) (also south can loose its arty at start, north almost never does)

    4. j_galt


      On 11/28/2020 at 9:52 AM, Rexxie said:

      I agree entirely.

      Literally cant get over what this event is doing. I've never been one to complain about shit like "weekend teams", but this is actually 3/4s of the matches I've played in the last two days.


      I had at least 3 of those last night and wondered when this became a thing?  Tier 9's with a 200 WN8 and 44% winrate bitching about teams is a thing too.

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