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  1. The turret armor on the M46 and M48 trips me up every time, its like my brain cant grasp that those two old paper turrets are basically soviet hovermed turrets now.

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    2. lavawing


      I think you're supposed to 340 HEAT through the turret front/mantlet; same for the hull. (rip if you have less than 250 pen).

      M46 is pretty similar but the threshold drops to 220 and the lower part becomes weaker when using gun depression - not that you'd have time to aim in practice

    3. sohojacques


      My recollection of the M48’s turret is that it gets penned by tier 9-10 HEAT basically everywhere all the time. M46 gets smacked in it’s big forehead by premium shell wielding tier 8s...

    4. Rexxie


      It can get penned, but its just a roll of the dice. 330 HEAT looks like this:


      M48 turret armor is just crazy unreliable on either side. There's no way to reliably pen it in any tank unless it decides to park for you. You just have to throw gold at it and pull the 50% chance to pen slot machine.

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