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  1. New season starts today (5 September)!! Rosters are unlocked at Unknown's site: https://fantasytanks.com/tournaments/7 Any intel on who to pick?
  2. Anybody have money left over for Wargaming.net? $200 world of Warship bundle!
  3. Right, I think they are true MASTERS of marketing. Type 64 is already in the tech tree and can be had by gold (potentially freely obtainable).....but all the GF tanks are only available through cold, hard cash. If they say, "we won't sell them again," they create the aura of scarcity for those tanks and by extension, all GF tanks. Now, a truly masterful stroke, would be to highlight the Type 64 for "retirement" and then bring it back like they did the other "retired" tanks -- stay tuned!
  4. WG also announced that they won't sell the -57 or black dog anymore (yeah, right), but maybe attests to their OP-ness? Wonder if the Chrysler will fall in the same basket? Buy the GF versions when they come out each season or miss out? Marketing at its best?
  5. great spot, family and I stayed overnight with our boy scout troop -- now that was cool! ...and there is an INTRUDER on the flight deck!
  6. I might have a code that gives T2 Light Tank, garage slot, 500 gold, 7 days premium, but not sure it's still valid. don't know if that is better than the Reddit code, really. PM if interested. Those JAGDTIGER codes were the BOMB, i think you could redeem up to 4, so great gold to $$ ratio, if you caught a good price on Ebay.
  7. ....agree -- glad they brought this tank back --- and you can always spam quotes from the movie Battle of the Bulge "The MPs are Krauts!" "On to Bastogne" "War Criminals!"
  8. This -- sadly, I doubt we will ever see these added to the in-game shop and buyable with gold (when was the last time they added a premium to the tree?)
  9. What equipment for 13-90? active scout with Vstab, optics, and vents? OBTW...my "son" says you wrecked him in your LTTB the other day on the Normandy map!
  10. congrats! I feel your pain -- i think there is some kind of RNG even in these events! I submitted within seconds of the code popping on the live stream.....5 days of premium! LOL
  11. so, if you have KR Patton, go for the 40t or Patriot?
  12. cool deal! So, what other tricks are there with the 9.18 patch? I just bought the 13-90, should i try to grind up to the current tier 9 or work on the other nation's lights (to get to tier 8).....????
  13. Thanks for the thread -- this hunt seemed a little less painful to watch (maybe because the matches/coverage was better?) ...here's hoping I get luckier here than my Fantasy Team (who woulda thunk Elevate vs Top Tier would have gone on that long!!?!?!......and Vetro benched??! ARGG!)
  14. Regarding the new patch, the gouge is to "free train" your captains into the ships you want them in and then after the update, they will be "fully trained" in that ship for free?
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