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  1. I have one, it is 'ok' .... I use mine as a flanking sniper .... the gun seems accurate enough ... I have the Pz IV S, Pz IV Hydrostat., Panther / M10, S35, Gro├čtraktor, and the T-25 .... I rotate on crew through all of them, they are working on there 3rd Perk'
  2. Radiopatrol


    This ... but IMHO Accuracy is 'ok' like any other low tier tank with a derp gun, you are lobbing shells, not really shooting them .. this gun has a high ark It was satisfying to shoot a T-18 in the face, charging me and watch it explode - one shot, one kill I got into a Tier 4/5 games yesterday and got owned pretty quickly
  3. Radiopatrol


    Not bad so far ..... I had a couple of great games derping around shooting nothing but HE
  4. Buzz - 5 yd penalty one can be good at tactics, and suck at applying them in World of Tanks I wish I could Like this 100x
  5. No it is the most fun you can have with your pants on ... Like an SU-100Y Platoon its fun game play, not serious game play ... I started playing into WOT because of Jingles Entertaining Story Telling .... I never heard of Never void or Side Strafe [until Jingles mentioned SS as a guy to learn from, after one went through of Jingles Videos]
  6. Really how much horse power are you talking .... I have x6 DL 360 G5's at work, that are about to follow me home ... 8 - 16 GB of memory, Xeon 3.2Ghz ... drives vary between 36 Gb 10k to 300 Gb 10k
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