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  1. Here, take my recurring payments! Every little bit helps, right? Thanks for all your hard work. Pledged $2 a month... r4z0rz
  2. Got it. Thanks everyone. It really makes sense right? If I learn to drive in a 1975 pickup truck and then I get a new truck, I have to kind of learn where the knobs and buttons are right? Of course, I will have completely forgotten how to drive my '75 pickup. It's all becoming clear now....
  3. D'oh! Guess that's why I can't find anything in their training referencing previous tanks. So the only back and forth would be: Original tank --> premium tank for more training --> only back to original tank (or pay to retrain them in new tank and they forget the original one). Right?
  4. Please forgive me if this has been clearly explained previously and I've overlooked it. I did spend some time looking and don't feel like I understand it. What I'm trying to figure out is....once I've trained up a crew and transfer that crew to a new tank (same type, different tier, same country), how can I tell in the future what tanks that crew is trained up for? An example: I had a crew with almost two full sets of skills in my M8A1. Once I was able to buy a T25/2 I thought to myself I didn't want to have a crew with no skills at that tier, so I transferred the crew up and trained them in the new TD. This is where I started asking questions. I was later looking at the T25/2 and I couldn't find any place in the crew (did I overlook it, forget my brain, herp a derp?) where the crew showed that they were ALSO trained to run in the M8A1. What if I was playing with a platoon mate, and didn't want the newbie crew and thought "hey, I can put the old crew in here for today." I guess the first real question is, can I move them back and forth on two tanks they've played and been trained for? Since it's not a premium tank, is my crew stuck in the new tank unless I want to pay AGAIN to retrain them on the old tank? Second question, if I'm looking at a tank and their crew, how can I tell which tank I moved the crew up from (say a German Heavy crew at T6 that I moved from T5)? I suppose if you can't move them back then it really doesn't matter. I know I can use premium tanks for training crews and move them around, although admittedly I haven't started doing that yet because I only own a couple of T8 prems and I really have no business playing up there yet. One of them was a gift and the other I bought after too many cervezas. I'll keep them for the future. I finally figured out I really needed to move back to tiers 5 and 6 and learn a lot more than I knew about getting gud at tonks before I moved up. Consequently, my crew training has been in tanks I'm grinding or playing a lot. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me about managing my crews better. ~r4z0rz~
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