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  1. schm1855

    JT Hype train

    A question. Given that I have a crew that is trained to ~50% firefighting, can I drop the AFE? I haven't been catching fire and I'd really like to add a small repair kit to help the games where I take transmission damage multiple times.
  2. schm1855

    JT Hype train

    Repurchased my first true German TD love yesterday. Holy God have I missed how much I like this tank. Couldn't bring myself to sell the JPE (you know, never sell 10s etc etc) so it'll just sit in a dusty corner of my garage with my M60. One of my favorite characteristics of the longer 12,8cm is those occasional 650+ rolls. You're hitting like a 15cm then, and you'll be ready to fire again in ~9s. Absolutely brutal. I don't fear 120mm cannons anymore like I did with the JPE as I know our reloads are very close, only I'm hitting for 400+ EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
  3. A map question: What the shit do I do on Pilsen? East field is very open, West factories are too close for my fragile ass. I find myself torpedoing with my T49 on this map regardless of spawn side. Any thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hey you be nice dualmaster! The fact that Crab plays during the day means I get to giggle senselessly when I run into him while playing at work.
  5. schm1855

    JT Hype train

    A question. I'm looking to repurchase a Tier 9 TD to pub around in. I was considering the T30 for a long time, but with the HP boost I'm now leaning towards my first true love, the JT. Anyone have a preference between the two? Landing a 155mm (150mm?) freedom shell for 750 to someone's face is always gratifying, but the T30 gun handling made me want to take a belt grinder to my face. Methinks a JT with a healthy dose of APCR might be more satisfying....
  6. What I'm starting to find so interesting about this little demon is that the dispersion isn't that awful as long as your turret is stationary. I'm finding more and more that it's not terribly unlikely to hit something at full speed as long as you're not moving your turret at the same time. This has saved a teammate's bacon in more than one situation as I come barreling into an engagement (in a direct line to the enemy) and let a shell fly without slowing. It has a striking resemblance to an ELC dive bomb. Assuming you're heading straight at a target (or have your turret adjusted pre-engagement
  7. When it comes to a direct hit on a tank, is there a damage difference between a normal HE shell and a gold HE shell? Given that the only stat difference shown is the blast radius, and the shells hit the exact same location.
  8. schm1855

    Leopard 1

    Ha well I'm still in the honeymoon stage, so it can do no wrong! That sweet German ass will stay perky for years!
  9. schm1855

    Leopard 1

    Trobs I just purchased the Leo 1 yesterday. I loved the PTA, but you know those times when you could have nailed one more shot if you reloaded just a little faster, or aimed just a little quicker? All that goes away. Throw in hella gun depression and some amazing agility and you have the total package. All other tanks are irrelephant now.
  10. How have I lived for so long without the glory that is the Leo 1. My previous life is a disgrace.

    1. Tutik


      Better then E50M? I still dont have german medium ^^

    2. Drunken_Walrus
    3. Constie


      Leo 1 is better than the E50M nuff said

  11. Ditto. Plus the T71 looks far more menacing. Like a scorpion. Or a wasp. Or a wasp carrying a scorpion on its back. I also find that autoloaders with drum reloads of ~20s really hit a sweet spot. It’s long enough to go dark/reposition, but not so long that you risk getting bum rushed by the enmy.
  12. It's more of a "This tank is a turd" thread that has lots of people defending it. I really like the PTA. Playing this and the Cent. 7/1 at the same time has been very interesting and hard for my brain. To me, the biggest hindrance is the poor depression. Lack of armor doesn't bother me, having to pull all the way over a rise to shoot, does. I also prefer T10 games over T9 games. People focus on me less it seems, and there's less pressure as a top-tier. That lets me sit back and CHAI-snipe my way to 3k damage with ease.
  13. It should also be noted that the SU-152 is a god-awful platform for making use of the 122s (especially when compared to its premium brother). Use the derp and never look back. You don't have the armor or mobility to mantain effective DPM.
  14. A thought: Switching out auto-fire because you "never catch on fire" may not work so well if you lose that passive 10% bonus...

    1. schm1855


      I switched out the auto on my T69 for a large repair kit and promptly burned to death three times in ~20 matches.

  15. Holy mother of God I finally figured out what the Cent. 7/1 excels at.... Maintaining top speed through Lakeville valley!
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