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  1. Fuck you. No, you do not deserve steel wall in the chaffe, i might be the only one with a steel wall in a chaffe too. git good instead! how will these changes affect the 215b?
  2. heat 54, what gun do you recomend? 


    1. MacusFlash


      D-10T2S with better everything but penetration but with HEAT it's perfect choice for T-54.



      actually went for that one. 


  3. is the ammorack of the 113 nerfed after buff? 

    1. hallo1994


      ok. then i just have magic rng today. 


  4. has anything been done with the jpegsde100? minimum 2 per team today..

  5. yay! said no one ever that isn't eating glue about arty. 

  6. yay! one shottet by an amx30 while in my 50120. .fuck rng.. 

  7. arty is not op, only gamebraking.

    1. Medjed


      in other news, water is wet :retard:

  8. and or teach me to play better. i am currently going down a waterfall with my wn8..
  9. anyone know when the next update is coming out? 

  10. how do i change my nickname on this forum? 

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    2. Gashtag


      It's his IGN and playstyle... Candy and I love it :D



      i suiscout so you two twats can get damage. and carry the game. 

    4. Private_Miros


      I'm just finding some games better than WoT right now.

  11. why can't i get the wz131 and wz132 to work????

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      uh, yeah, they really is! all the new tier 8 light's fucks me up, and i am not that shit, i should get it to work..

    3. xWulffx


      Just like crime communism works, it just doesn't pay

    4. kariverson


      Do an early spot and play it like a med. It's still a nice poor mans RU. BTW 13 90 > any new light.

  12. nvm, the driver for win7 64bit is fucked, now using the driver for win7 32bit, back to an average of 30 again!
  13. i have this mother board: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3894#ov and yesterday my ping on wot went from a steady 30 up to an shitty average of 80-? and i get diconnected, because of packet loss, i have checked ping plotter.(or whatever it's called, to lazy to check) And none of my other games is struggeling. only wot.. anyone else experiencing this prob. with this motherboard? i've had this prob. before but i do not remember how i fixed it..
  14. did they nerf ramming in 9.4?

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      this makes sense now, me:e50m vs e5 frontal 35kph ish. both loose 150ish hp. next round, me e50m vs t34. he looses 450hp, i loose 100ish. frontal

    3. Ruestir


      It needed fixing IMO. You can ram indestructible buildings for no damage in any size tank, but bump a stationary heavy in your LT for full health despite going 10kph, RIP.

    4. Rexxie


      50b with its 230mm frontal armor should be even more of a god of ramming now

  15. Defeat Battle: Cliff Vehicle: M41 Walker Bulldog Experience received: 3 448 Credits received: 58 159 Battle achievements: Top Gun, Master Gunner, Sharpshooter, Mastery Badge: "1st Class" WN8: 29 546 (100)

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    2. Flaksmith


      Hard carry is hard

    3. Flaksmith


      sry, only got 500giga hdd.. no room for replays. my bad.

  16. why is the cent 7/1 the only tank i am doing good in?

    1. Scout_in_da_house


      Because it's definition of easy play?



      ah, so i am still retarded. damn.

    3. Scout_in_da_house


      Not necessarily, it's just fun :)

  17. does anyone have the reload time for the cent 7/1 with and without bia? i do have 100pst crew and i am considering bia for my 4th crew skill.

  18. so, when and what is happening in the next patch?

  19. 70/70 line! 45ms ping to kiel from norway:D 41msping to manchester and 65/65Mbps
  20. i deleted it almost the same time i saw what i had done.. maybe i will do it some other time, the download took some time between 15-20min..
  21. getting the same as you do.. I think they are using the same amount or less money on they're servers than the produsers of airplanes use on their inboard speaker systems...
  22. but my acaunt is for the eu server only.. and i do not understand shit out of russian.. other than cheers,yes and no...
  23. i just realised i have been braindead for a moment or more.. the russian download only let me into the russian servers.. shit.
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