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  1. Well since Tanks entered Closed Beta it may be time to bring this thread up. Anybody here who got into the first wave? The alpha gameplay we got to see from that russian convention was nice graphics and rather bad gameplay. Also a big update is brewing where they drop the 20 Tiers system, changed it to 5 Tiers based on time periods and it seems like you do not unlock all planes of a tier by increasing your nations overall level but you grind research points to unlock the next one just like in WoT.
  2. Increase Minimap size to about 1/5 to 1/4 of your screen size. Forced me to look at it like every second where I dont go tunnel vision which still happens way too often.
  3. But isnt the zoom out mod banned itself? At least somebody told me that they dont like to see it in ESL. Also it is kind of sad that you get banned for stuff like this. (Talking about it not using it) Wargaming should get their act together and implement some kind of anti cheat or allow them all but instead the try to sweep it under the carpet. Also who is Jsnazz?
  4. First wrote a wall of text but noticed that even me myself wouldnt read that so here is the short version. Euro Support tells us you wont be banned for Mods ever. Euro Forum Mods removed Crosshair Mods because of breach of EULA (crosshair gives too much info and stuff) Russia doesn't care. USA doesn't care? Is SEA old enough for adult talk? Are these Mods fine in your book and would you use them? Winning at all cost? If you don't get punished its allowed? Some controversial examples below. Please note that these are 100% pure mods. Drop them into you res_mods/wotversion/ fol
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