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  1. Been over a year since I clicked battle. I miss my tanking bros, I don't miss the legions of shitters however.

    1. Haswell


      2 years into winning the game here. No regrets.

  2. I personally am enjoying tanking the shit out of my stats with the swedes. Take note TS and do the same.
  3. If it had speed I would probably pick it up. But not having the ability to rush to a spot and scout shit out makes it totally useless to me.
  4. Good thing WG cares about not breaking MM.


    1. BlackAdder


      E25 gud tank? :kappa:


    2. Unavailebow


      Don't see any purple text there, I guess its okay :doge:

  5. Also these dipshits that I have run across while foolishly trying to 3 mark my Cromwell. Fuckers threw away a win trying to chase down a Scorpion. And your typical Cabra shitlord herp derping about me hiding at base when I clearly fallen back due to a failing flank.
  6. Merry Christmas all. I bring you this:



    Serb's name on a giant file. Files are also known as "bastards".

    1. RC_Tank


      I would pay for a KV2 that actually had that stuff on it...glorious

  7. This fucking piece of shit. Sat at A3 hiding the entire time on cliff while we got rolled and he was top tier. Fucking cunt.
  8. Bought a Lowe. I am sure this will end well.

    1. nemlengyel


      what is it like to drive a dank meme?

  9. Wonder how this will play out for me since I have the Maus but not the VKB.
  10. I could have possibly been suckered if it was a tier 6. I already have an IS-2B though so they can GTFO.
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