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  1. Been over a year since I clicked battle. I miss my tanking bros, I don't miss the legions of shitters however.

    1. Haswell


      2 years into winning the game here. No regrets.

  2. Good thing WG cares about not breaking MM.


    1. BlackAdder


      E25 gud tank? :kappa:


    2. Unavailebow


      Don't see any purple text there, I guess its okay :doge:

  3. Merry Christmas all. I bring you this:



    Serb's name on a giant file. Files are also known as "bastards".

    1. RC_Tank


      I would pay for a KV2 that actually had that stuff on it...glorious

  4. Bought a Lowe. I am sure this will end well.

    1. nemlengyel


      what is it like to drive a dank meme?

  5. KV-122? So, an IS-2B then?

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    2. Nicarasu


      Yeah, I was tempted but I already have the IS-2B. If it was unbundled it would have been far more tempting.

    3. kolni


      On EU there is an offer for it for just 22 EUR, however it's not in the calendar, but only in the premium shop and not really advertised

    4. RC_Tank


      Guess I spoke too soon then, it's on NA too

  6. Be me. Have shit session two days ago. During session, have some jackass panic back into me several times cause he's a bitch. Me (being on full tilt) puts 800hp shot into his ass out of frustration. Baddie in pub match ends up being a commander of a clan and wardecs my clan in SH. Rape ensues of commander's clan in first match so badly, they tech out the rest of the battles. KEK's were had.

  7. Due to a WG mistake (maybe), I got a black Mutz for 1/2 price. I can buy another one for 1/2 price. What's the gold policy on buying tanks you already have?

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    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      That sucks. Still a decent rate, like 200+ gold/dollar, but nothing great. I'm surprised, they must have done it specifically for this sale?

    3. Korb3n_Dallas


      I think the initial 1/2 price was a mistake though.

    4. HemanathanRX7
  8. Tried to play Blitz on my phone. Guess my age is showing, touch screens are holy aids.

    1. Tman450


      The touch controls are actually terrible. just get Blitz on steam and play on PC. xD

    2. conjay810


      I don't even find it bad and I started out on a Iphone 5s. You have to go through the learning curve but Blitz is a great game for solo semi casual play, you just have to get kinda used to the controls. Infact I find it hard to aim on PC blitz since the touch screen is great for really tiny quick adjustments that allow you to snipe that weakpoint you wouldn't hit otherwise.

  9. Did WG seriously just give the T34 a black skin and mark the price up on it?

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    2. RollerCoaster47


      They're taking a page out of the Armored Warfare playbook.

    3. Curo


      bruh its on sale it must be cheaper

    4. Kitten


      At least armored warfare tanks are 1/3 the price and not gimped ._.

  10. Wargaming trying to sucker me with this bullshit.



    1. saru_richard


      thats pretty nice so why is it BS?

    2. Greatspank


      but wait there's more:serb:

    3. Korb3n_Dallas


      Cause I got top tier against a tard team on my first match in it.

  11. Sold:
    'ISU-152' successfully sold. Received credits:  1,522,595. Spent gold:  20.


    No ragrets. Fuck the ISU.

    1. Errants


      Amen brother.

      Condolences in advance, the 704 is more of the same.

    2. Korb3n_Dallas


      Yeah I drove the 704 on CT and decided to quit the grind. Gun is good, everything else is just so terrible.

  12. I feel like I am done with this game finally. Tomorrow my last day of premium runs out (I had over 750 days when I started). I have pretty much nothing left to grind (704 and Jagzilla are the only ones). The game just isn't rewarding to me anymore it seems. The corridor meta sucks dick, the massive losing streaks suck dick, I used to be able to stay composed, but after a third loss in a row I start to lose my shit. I'm a perma bad so I won't ever be able to get into a good clan, not that it matters since CW is dead, and my attendance during the week is shit. I stuck around because of a few friends that play, but I don't want to get on TS with them since I tend to pop off much more easily now then I used too and I don't want to subject them to that (cause friends). I played yesterday and it just wasn't fun. Dunno if I will come back, but it just feels like it is time.


    PS: I'll still shit up the forums though.

    1. kreigermann


      Well, if you're not having fun then it is probably time to move on, at least until it sounds fun again.

      I've asked myself whether I'll quit when I finish all of the trees. 

      Guess I'll find out when I get there.

    2. nemlengyel


      " PS: I'll still shit up the forums though. "

      You sir have an epeen which entitles you to do so :)

  13. I am a filthy casual. However I did get invited to join:

    [GDPZR] Großdeutschland Panzer Regiment 

    I could be king potato among the 48%ers.

    1. Assassin7


      I think between me leaving foxeyand joining mahou (i.e as lomg as it took the cooldown to be up) i had an invite to join 2 different clans - one of them was HARM. 

      I seriously wonder if these people like check rosters of other good clans and spam invites at anyone who leaves

    2. Fulcrous


      I get none lul.

    3. Korb3n_Dallas


      I hadn't gotten a random invite in a while. I just happened to log into the main site and saw it. You get none cause bad @Fulcrous

  14. Holy fuck I hate the ISU-152. I hope the 704 is worth it.

    1. leggasiini


      Tbh if you hate ISU, i wouldnt have high expections for Object 704...

      While its good tank like ISU, it is literally ISU tier higher with +590 HP, more armor, and very mild increase in gun stats, so there is good chance that you wont like 704 either.

      If however you like ISU's gun but hate the platform, THEN i guess you probably might like 704. Whatever you do though for fucking god sake DO GET 268.

    2. Korb3n_Dallas


      Yeah I like the gun, I hate the lack of mobility and shit armor.

  15. All those Skorpions. My T49 is restless in the garage.

  16. Having trouble understanding the wording on TD-2.4. Do you have to do 5K in dmg, damage three modules and three crew members? Or just three of one or the other? Cause I did it like three times last night and never got the mission completed.

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    2. woe2you


      It's practically guaranteed with 183 HESH, if you have one.

    3. Korb3n_Dallas
    4. Korb3n_Dallas


      Got this back today:

      Hello Korb3n_Dallas,

      Thank you for contacting Wargaming Support!

      TD-2: Aimed Fire requires you do destroy 3 internal modules or injure 3 crew members or a combination of both totaling at least three. Please factor in the following:

      You must destroy the internal module; modules that say knocked out and have a yellow border are only damaged. They must have a red border to indicate that they've been destroyed.

      If you'd like us to review your score and verify if you've completed this mission please provide us with the replay so we can populate your end battle results.

      Best Regards,

      Robert Brown

  17. Sold:
    'SU-122-54' successfully sold. Received credits:  1,937,998. Spent gold:  20.


    Finally, fucking retard magnet fucking pile of shit.

  18. I really want to stop talking shit to pubs, but I really can't help it when two of them sit on the hill at Himmels refusing to get off and come help me cap resulting in a loss.

    1. kreigermann


      My name's Kreigermann, and I'm a rage-a-haulic. It has been zero days since i told a pubbie to go drown himself in his toilet for being braindead.

  19. tfw you know the only thing holding you back from being better is not letting yourself get on tilt. Yet tilt is your personality.

  20. Play session above recent. Lose 75 points. Weaksos.

  21. Getting triggered by 46% w/r shitdicks on SB forums telling devs how the game needs to be changed. Fucks sake, you don't even know how camo works, how the fuck are you going to be able to interpret how the new ammo mechanics work.

  22. Kill RU player in T54L on SB with T49. "Amerika suk dik" "Fuk you". :serb:

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    2. Korb3n_Dallas
    3. nemlengyel


      tried it once on test server, chat exploded with Cyrillic gibberish and I got insta TK'd once the counter finished

    4. Korb3n_Dallas
  23. Got my first warning on the official forums for calling the player base retarded. lol Probably reported by the 47% shitter that replied to me about being elitist. :kwim:

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    2. MAJEST1C


      Maybe if you call him a degenerate he wouldn't understand

    3. BlackAdder


      @MAJEST1C and then he'll report you. Because you are smart ass. 


    4. Zepherex


      I blame it all on anime

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