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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to Tanager in Name and Shame Part II Probably Sponsored by Universal Studios and Chrysler   
    What?  You yearn for the winning combination of (a) horrific stats while being (b) sadly, demonstrably not a bot, while having (c) the douchiest wot handle I've probably ever seen?  Well, I aim to please:

    I would bet large amounts of $$$ that this guy hasn't been within the same zipcode of the opposite sex since the last time Mom kicked him out of her basement.
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to MacusFlash in Patch 1.0 - HD Maps and other things   
    That new map, Wild Hunt Glacier, is the new Mount Everest of retardness. Couldn't find a path in forest, almost everything is in draw range and from the middle you may spot enemy spawn. Damn, it'd be beautiful map for The Witcher 3 but you know...

    OTOH they fixed problem with colors in best way possible. 
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to CheekiBreeki_ in the 3 biggest issues of WoT are being addressed in one single patch   
    This game is simply going to die faster after this patch 
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to Strigonx in Synergy between friends. Losing and Winning with Unicuns   
    I feel that the few time i've platooned with @Korb3n_Dallas were simply the most bearable sessions because we are both fully fledged sperglords
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to Strigonx in So what's the point of (possible) upcoming light tanks changes   
    Tier 10 light tanks are a horrible mistake
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to Private_Miros in Missing Expected Values of New Tanks   
    In a probably useless effort to mediate the ever returning threads of often mediocre players demanding the addition of expected values for their new toys (in the vain hope their stats will get an insignificant boost to a value no one cares about), I will compile in this stickied thread the reasons for their loss.
    Most of this information is originally from our resident statistical lump of gold, @RichardNixon
    1. Why are new tanks not giving me stats:
    - WG does not always immediately release the stats of newly added tanks in the API, meaning that WoTLabs cannot read the data to be included into its calculations.
    - Added to this: WN8 data doesn't typically include any tank details except the ID. Sites used to do automated encyclopedia lookups, but WG murdered half their API team a few months ago, and no new tanks are currently being added.
    For example: The Mutz was in the newer tankopedia API and the KR was in the deprecated one. The M41 isn't in either/
    Not all is lost though: Sites (like WoTLabs) have to enter the name, tier, class etc manually. The data's there in the API though. This, however, takes time and manual labour, and known expected values (or replacement values).
    It's not always easy either, as for example, there are two M41 90s in the API. The GF version (ID 50961) has something like 30-40k players on EU, while the plain one (ID 64017) has one player on EU and ~100 on RU, which is typical for supertest tanks.
    2. Why are other sites giving me stats for this tank and WoTLabs not?
    - WN8 didn't define a method for handling missing expected values, so sites vary. Some methods will universally inflate WN8, while others are in the right ballpark for most tanks or most accounts.
    - A lot of sites pull updates automatically from wnefficiency.net. If that's not updated, then nothing happens though, unless replacement values are being used. Sites and session mods sometimes pick their own values for missing tanks when the official expected values are taking too long to update.
    - WoTLabs "official" WN8 works with "official" expected values for each tank, using replacement values from other similar tanks, still need internal discussion, much like a full update of the WN8 expected values. This takes time.
    Tanks will get added sooner or later. WN is a measure only relevant over larger number of battles. Replacement values also take time as enough players (and not only the good ones that free xp or grind faster) should have played the tank to get a relevant sample.
    The people who take care of all this, do this voluntarily and in their own free time. They have no obligations to anyone, least of all to a random dude who's irky because his overal or recent meaningless value is temporarily slightly lower than it might otherwise be.
    If you were referred to this thread because you made a thread about this subject without first checking this stickied thread, you are bad and should feel bad.
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    Korb3n_Dallas got a reaction from crapcannon in What the hell is a KV-122?   
    I could have possibly been suckered if it was a tier 6. I already have an IS-2B though so they can GTFO.
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to ThomChen114 in Charioteer shenanigan   
    After countless games, and I have been doing fine in the Charioteer up to then, i've yet to have Aced this tank. Until this match.
    This was a match back in patch 9.15, before Swedish tanks spammed the server and additional UI features like damage logs were added in 9.16.
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to SkittlesOfSteeI in Wotlabs not showing Swedish tanks wn8/winrate. @Kitten   
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to Tarski in K-S Waffentrager: the naked Tiger   
    In my experience a lot of pubbies are playing a game that doesn't exist. 
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to Rexxie in K-S Waffentrager: the naked Tiger   
    WG is designing tanks for a game that doesn't exist.
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    Korb3n_Dallas got a reaction from Tarski in K-S Waffentrager: the naked Tiger   
    If it had speed I would probably pick it up. But not having the ability to rush to a spot and scout shit out makes it totally useless to me.
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to Madner Kami in K-S Waffentrager: the naked Tiger   
    I'm having Challenger-flashbacks here. In concept, this should be a capable vehicle and I do want one, because I like the idea of the chassis and the gun. However, it has a gimmick that is going to be completely useless on 9 out of 10 maps nowadays (in this particular case: camo) and is lacking in every other departement, just to get that useless advantage. It has positional flexibility and a good gun, but neither helps you, because you do not out-DPM, out-alpha, out-maneuver or out-tank anything. What are they thinking?! The disconnect between actual gameplay and tank-stats-design is just painful nowadays. Do they not realize how camo-unfriendly the meta has become? If you can not outclub anything via alpha or DPM, you are borderline useless, because most maps do not allow camo-play to that degree or are so stacked with ondulations and nooks and crannies, that you can not play at range as two thirds of the time you are not going to get a line of fire on a spotted target or shoot hull-down tanks.
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to zapyoug in IMPORTANT! Sell your Swedish TDs!   
    -was expecting an infinite credit loop
    very disappointed 
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    Korb3n_Dallas got a reaction from lordawesome7 in So the dickermax and e-25 might be becoming standard vehicles.   
    D-Max has normal MM. Only the E-25 is pref MM.
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    Korb3n_Dallas got a reaction from lordawesome7 in What the hell is a KV-122?   
    I could have possibly been suckered if it was a tier 6. I already have an IS-2B though so they can GTFO.
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to PityFool in Is KV-5 still worth getting (assuming it pops up from advent calendar)?   
    Don't play it to make credits, load full APCR and have fun.
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to ZXrage in Free Christmas Hats: 2014+2 Edition   

    Because a certain someone complained about the lack of Christmas hats, I've decided to put up my (should be) annual free Santa hats thread.

    I'll dig through my archives in case you want to use your Santa hats from last year, but for now everything will be made from scratch.

    As much as possible, please provide me with a high-res version of your avatar.

    You can also request to have you avatar's face be replaced by a Trump in a Santa hat if you want :^)

    The original threads if you already got one and you don't want me to pull it out for you:
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to leggasiini in So the dickermax and e-25 might be becoming standard vehicles.   
    That is VERY likely a mistake. I mean, Dicker Max leads to E25 and then that leads to Ferdinand? What the hell? It makes NO sense anyhow.
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to TheMarine0341 in So the dickermax and e-25 might be becoming standard vehicles.   
    E25 with standard MM would be terrible
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    Korb3n_Dallas got a reaction from TheMarine0341 in Name and Shame Part II Probably Sponsored by Universal Studios and Chrysler   
    Doing the Lord's work right there.
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to jacg123 in Tier X Light tanks   
    Even if the LT's got dank camo and crazy viewrange, it would just make them OP on 20-25% of the map pool and worthless on the rest. WG murdered LT's very slowly with map changes and removals. 
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    Korb3n_Dallas got a reaction from CraBeatOff in Looking for HE LT trolls   
    I am always up for some VK and T49 toons.
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to CraBeatOff in Looking for HE LT trolls   
    Unicum seeking LT platoonmates for HE derp trolling pubbies. Generally between 8am-4pm ET (GMT-5). Euros trapped on NA welcome. Must be able to stay alive in a LT and avoid taking hits until its time to trade 1 hit for trolling the fuck out of a isolated higher tier tank mid or end game. Knowledge of HE/HEAT pen mechanics a must, same for vision, camo, defensive driving and HP trading. VK2801 or T49 drivers only. Desire to troll pubbies a must. I will offer light mentorship/pointing out engagement decision errors, and reasonably palatable text chat. I can listen on voice comms, but can't use a mic. If you want to shove a short barrel but another tank's behind, and do it at breakneck speed, I might be your guy. 
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    Korb3n_Dallas reacted to dualmaster333 in Wargaming Employee banned for illegal mods.   
    It's obvious you idiot, all the devs are cheaters and all the top clans are cheaters so they try to protect each other. I told you they're colluding with each other. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Don't even get me started on the MM rigging...
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