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  1. Vote 1 Garbad. The corner stone of his election campaign will be more construction Jobs. After all. He will need to build a great many walls. Somewhere to line up all those people that oppose his views. Good writing on the Economics 101. The great concern is the STEM People that have nowhere to go.
  2. So I gave Armoured Warfare a good run and had a really good time. Too good. I went back to WOT for a game or two every other day. Each time I nearly puked on the screen. 183 shitters, RNG everywhere, Critical Hit no Damage this, No damage that, fire here, arty shits on me there. I needed to go back to get a kick in the face and know I have made the right call. Onto AW it is. Wishing WOT players all the best. I just feel like I am fighting an enemy team in AW, rather than fighting thru the game mechanics to get to the enemy as per WOT... Best result would be for both games to be succesful.
  3. Welcome to my world. Due to timezone issues this is my core play time. Its a massive struggle to get above 50% win rate. I cant even begin to talk about how many tier 10 losers with 30k games, 40% win rate and 100 WN8 you see. They love their E100's in particular. I have no idea how they got them in the first place. So I struggle to win or have fun. Swapped to the SEA server which everyone complains about, Win rate and fun factor went thru the roof. It helps that there is more than 3k players as well..
  4. Sorry but the more I play it the more superior the FCM is across the board. And it has enough Armour to keep scouts from Yolo'ing you. Honestly this thing is a magnet for Yoloers....
  5. When the crew gets good enough if becomes a real snap shot low exposure king. Now running vents instead of optics. Happy with the outcome
  6. I can be epic Very capable of blocking shots with its Armour and carrying hard http://wotreplays.com/site/2042216#swamp-gromstorm-object_430_version_ii
  7. But the soft stats are unknown....Will they ruin it?
  8. I don't even know where to begin. That story is worth 2 MOE's at least.
  9. I think your referring to me. if so its all wrong. I am not implying any conspiracy, tin foil hat nonsense. It is what it is. What I am saying is that I get dealt the hand that I have in terms of team setup. How do I manage that? How do you try to overcome the lemming train 1 line on lakeville? How do you overcome the 3 x e100 platoon with 200 wn8 rating across 10k games? How do you try to overcome those games that are over before the 3 minute mark. I am having many of those games lately. I don't give a shit about conspiracy's or mm, or whatever. Sure I would love to have more evenly
  10. Interesting response to the AMX-30. It has good gun depression and good dpm and good accuracy and good good good... :-) Give it some time, and then lets see what you think.
  11. Welcome back. Interesting discussion on the type 59. I wonder if you have the t54 Proto. It's basically a type 59 with out pref mm. Beast Mode on +++ What are you grinding atm?
  12. I love the way people proclaim how awesome they are and that everyone else sucks..I guess everyone assumes that they are a genius when they live in a sheltered wot world with a high population base of steady decent players all roundd. Florb I hear what your saying. As for game is rigged I would modify that to say, logic behind mm is crazy. I had the worst weekend from hell in WOT this weekend and I was NOT on tilt. The analogy of flipping a coin and getting the same result 9 times out of 10 is a good one. How many games in a row this weekend could I statistically get a below 20% wi
  13. Its always nice to have lemmings before you to massacre from behind. Hesh is a bit derpy though. Love the way the Panther 2 decided to cap at the end. You just knew in your heart the team would choke when you first saw that I bet
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