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  1. Heya SolarFlare, I started about a year ago with my channel. I concentrate on analyzing gameplay and helping the beginner to intermediate player improve their game. I use commentary and replays to do this. You mentioned you were worried about doing voice commentaries, the only way to get better at that is to do it. Here's a link to my channel for some examples. Not trying to hijack your mojo here, just throwing out one example of many. Guido
  2. Back to the Foch issue, I think this situation exposes what is the actual core issue. The core issue, and why these things keep happening is that WG handles their PR situations horribly. There is no standard, there is no relative appropriateness of responses. they tend to ignore things until they become full blown firestorms. There's little to no communication after the fact or apparent self reflection or awareness. None of that is really news to anyone who pays attention, but it is why these things continually blow up past all reason. They never seem to learn anything from each crisis a
  3. I'd say this talks to my biggest problem with the issue. WG is simply all over the place when it comes to PR and how they handle these kinds of things. It's essentially random. Sometimes they bring in the hammer, sometimes it seems like they are asleep at the wheel or giving a sideways smirk and a knowing smile. For nearly any transgression, you can't know how they will react. Policy appears to be made up at the moment and then not applied evenly. I understand their need to monitor and add/remove CCs, absolutely in their purview and interest. I understand their need/reasons to grow
  4. Another in a disturbing line of questionable prem tank released. Relatively well known personality goes max negative (saying what we all think). Company terminates an agreement with said contributor (and threatens questionable further action they can't really back up). Contributor caves because ass pain, and perhaps to stay in good graces to some extent. Company direction further exposed, we all know it's circling the drain. Trust further eroded by one of the worst video game/developer PR departments in the industry. So really, business as usual with these people.
  5. Your entire attitude (and numerous other people) is just weird to me. If you were to buy that may credits, it would cost quite a bit of money. The company did do the right thing by cutting off the exploit. The on line gaming precedent for such things is for the company to remove the credits. They absolutely dropped the ball in not removing the credits and then laughing it off while people like me who didn't take advantage of the exploit but could have are punished for not being a little douche bag. I figured it would absolutely be removed and potentially there would be sanctions, so I
  6. So it's better to make people mad that they let exploiters keep ill gotten gains, than it is to tell people they don't get to keep their exploited credits? Not sure if serious.
  7. Didn't effect the economy? Some people got 20 mil, that's enough for 3 tier 10s. Keep rationalizing it though, you might convince yourself one day.
  8. You do realize that game economies are tracked by the company? That they make decisions on costs of various in game purchases, by looking at the game economy? That artificial inflation of the in game economy affects the overall game through WG decisions on what things cost, what kind of bonuses they give out, what kind of specials they run? I don't suspect you, or the people who support this kind of thing think about that. You are much too busy believing yourself to be too clever. Don't worry in the least about getting too high minded about it, you are not in any danger of that.
  9. One would absolutely hope so. But if there's one thing the T-22 event showed, it's the appalling lack of ethics in this community by quite a large group of players. Commence with the "it's WG fault", and "It's in the game" and such.
  10. I guess I'm probably wrong, but I feel like I get lit on fire a lot more than that. It's the reason I carry an automatic FE on nearly all my tanks. My trade off is I don't worry about firefighting skills and use that slot for something else until very deep in my builds. I'll have to try it as I have finally built up a reserve of kits. I used to sell them to fund the tank collection and the grinds. This may be one of the many (many, many) little things holding me back from pushing to the next level. Perhaps I'm "doing it wrong".
  11. Is food that good? I've played this game a ton, but avoided food as it seemed to be less useful than an automatic extinguisher.
  12. Retired USAF Fighter Pilot. Re-rolled to Civilian Simulator Instructor with a side of Game Developer.
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