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  1. When are we getting that All-American nightly strikeforce team to take down the loud mouthed 3am defense shitter clans?
  2. Jeez Louise. Banned from game, and now our TS is down again? Is there an alt?
  3. Yeah I know, he has been messaging lots of people I have no idea who it is, but he has pretty sick stats, so he must be good. He is always asking to play on test server though?
  4. Good thing the jelly yellows got rid of these filthy riggers so people can play this mode as it was intended and let missions come naturally ;P What if I happen to be AFK (like that one platoon member who got farmed to shit) while there was another FAME player on the other team spawnraping me? 2 week ban?
  5. It's now undoubtedly a huge armor buff. You can bully tier8/9 without even hiding your LFP and tier 10 will struggle to pen as soon as you hide your LFP. http://tanks.gg/en/wot/t110e5#tab:model.compare:obj-140 http://test.tanks.gg/en/wot/t110e5#tab:model.compare:obj-140
  6. I was struggling to do HT-12 (3xhp) in the IS7 as well. People just know they can't pen that turret, so going hull down and letting people shoot you in the no-arty games didn't really work anymore. BUT, someone then told me (can't remember who) to angle your turret 45 degrees, and voila! Suddenly people were shooting at my turret again. People see that you're showing the side of your turret and decide to have a go, but it's still hard enough to bounce T10 TD's with ease.
  7. It's completely gone in this patch. I haven't noticed any so far at least. A big difference.
  8. Right now I'm using OMC with Wot Tweaker +. Tried Solo's and Promod before. Even tried vanilla the first day or so I believe.
  9. Was gonna start a topic, but then I saw this. I also never really noticed ghost shells before, thought it was rare and not worth worrying about. With this patch however I started seeing them EVERY damn game. I thought it was something wrong with the AMX 30p gun due to the insane shell speed. Tried several mods because something didn't feel right. Took a two week break after the patch. Now though I am 100% aware that it's these ghost shells. I estimate I'm losing a full shot of damage each game, and sometimes seeing several instances of ghost shells whether I hit the tank or not. They can be standing still or moving, doesn't matter. My ping is stable at around 30 with some rare packetloss at times (not sure if servers or my routing). I see it with every tank also. Distance doesn't seem to matter either, but I can't remember seeing them when I'm practically hugging someone. Anyone have any more info? How often do you see it? Do you see it more with certain tanks, time of the day, etc??
  10. Build up a decent credit buffer, preferably 5-10 million (play tier 8 prems or buy a credit package). Then spend it carefully like so: * Wait to buy equipment for when it's 50% off. Plan ahead by finding out when the specials will take place. Look at the trees you're grinding and find out what equipment you will need in the future for the different tanks. * Buy torsion bars/enhanced suspension/springs etc when they're half price. Find out which ones you will need here. Use these on new tanks when you don't have the tracks researched so you can mount big guns and turrets (either from free xp or by grinding straight for them). Then un-mount them as soon as everything else is researched. * Get a large stash of consumables at half price. Large repair kits, med kits, food (if you use that). * Is WG giving you too many auto fire ext? Sell them before the special events pop up so you have more credits. * Empty your depot for old modules/shells etc from tanks you are finished grinding before the big special weekends come around. * Grind a few different lines at a time so if you're finished researching a new shiny tier 8 tank, maybe you can wait another week until the special pops up and it's 15/30% off. Just grind the other lines while you wait and usually you'll have some more free xp for modules. After a big weekend special you should basically be broke. The great thing is your credit buffer will bounce right back up again because after every game you're not spending credits on consumables. You're also not wasting hundreds of thousands on equipment you suddenly forgot you need for your new tank. It's easier to make sensible economic decisions when you have the money already
  11. Not quite sure why you think the cheeks are weak. When I view it in Tank Inspector it is all 290+ for AP and 340+ for HEAT. The only frontal weak spots on the turret are the view port up to the left and the really small flat spots on the cupola that almost disappear when using gun depression. You can get some weird pens through the mantlet once in a while though.
  12. Used this mod for the last patch and was glad you updated it for 9.6. Has all the stuff I want and is really easy to customize. I don't like Promod, and Aslain has crashed my game so many times.
  13. I honestly don't see the need for it. TD's are bad enough as they are, which is why I don't play them anymore. Recent changes to maps have made it infinitely easier to take them on in lights/meds. It'll simply be easier to kill them now. Not sure how it will affect game play in general though.
  14. First time I've ever watched a replay of someone else who also plays with 100+ fps Btw nais gejm. Is that your signature move to cross the valley like that? Or did you just feel like it?
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