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  1. Mostly just trying to bring more eyes on this topic at hand so I can get more of a wider player sample. Also any revisions that you have in mind for this article would be fantastic.
  2. Introduction Hello and before anyone can get mad or offended and so on please hear me out? As someone who is working on becoming a game developer someday I try to understand why and how some updates, marketing strategies, and overall mechanics effect how player bases react. So in this forum I like to kindly request that all information be backed up with a reasonable argument. We all want this game to do well and we all are responsible for helping its staff by providing accurate feedback. As such I have spent time looking over forums discussing with all different level
  3. Well sorry this thread had become a bit maintained as of late forgot about it still being active. Sorry about that as I had joined ENVUS on a bit of a whim. But that's behind me now ENVUS is dead and i'm stuck without a clan and am looking for a new one. As ENVUS's people I enjoyed a lot I may be going to -G- as that's where a lot of them went to but some other clans I may join are MO and RELIC_3 and SIMP.
  4. Very interested in you'r offer when I drop tags ill be willing to say it's a 85% chance ill join you guys I asked around and majority of you are from HAVOC before a bunch of RUS players joined. And from what I can tell you'r going to be a great fit for me. Look forward to joining you. o7
  5. Hello as this is the first time I actually went on WoT labs to look for a new clan so ill say everything I think is relevant, if you want something just ask. Anyway as stated above I am looking for a new clan if possible a good clan that I can learn from. I have 8 tier 10s currently T110e3, T110e5, Leopard 1, E50M, AMX 50B, Batchat 25t, Foch 155, and Object 140. Tanks im working on getting are : E100, IS7, T57 heavy, T62A, AMX 30B, 113, 121 tier 8's I have are AMX1390, T54ltw, T34, FCM50T, IS6, 112, lorr155mle, IS3. Clearly most of what im still missing are clan wars staples. I enjoy active cl
  6. Great list thanks a lot for making it although one problem BT is dead (reason DOS) -_- so please remove it from the list it might be inactive for a long time.
  7. Hello I am a fairly new stream and new YouTube channel and I also am very active and accepting of advice etc. I stream when I get home from school and stop around 10pm. I stream not just WoT but other games as well. Times (are subject to change) Monday 3:10pm - 6:00pm Tuesday 3:10pm - 10:00pm Wednesday 3:10pm - 10:00pm Thursday 3:10pm - 10:00pm Friday 3:10pm - 10:00pm Saturday 4:30~pm - 10:00pm Sunday 4:30~pm - 10:00pm My twitch channel YouTube I also plan on doing give always Also slight side note so I can put out more quality content for viewers feel free to send me links to up to dat
  8. cullenscout1970


    To be honest the 113 is a med playing it like a heavy (example the tier 9) will just git you killed it's reload is even fairly close to med level with food. As well as being fast enough to chase them down
  9. cullenscout1970


    Very very interesting im still going to grind out and play the 113 but it seems to be more of a challenge to do well in from what people are saying it's big selling points for me are it's dpm for a heavy and high speed. From my experience with it on the test it's low alpha next to a is7 etc is rather annoying. but I did have a lot of success with it's ufp. I know this is going to sound strange but I feel like the play style is very alike the Foch 155 in how you angle the frontal plate it's fairly unique and takes a lot of get used to. It's not horizontal armor increasing it's vertical because
  10. I love my Meh tonk so ill just go off Mehing somewhere else you make me meh m8 bruh
  11. Love mine also run strong coffee (I think that the french prem consumable sorry if im wrong) cuts down that reload nicely like on mines your about reloaded when you get to hill instead of 7 or so sec sitting about doing nothing. Lorr 40t super corn stats in mine no clue how I sucked ass at it cuz it's a pice of crap. but so worth the grind.
  12. Ok so I recently got my brand new amx 50 Foch 155 known for being one of the hardest grinds in the game to get. Also as most players know the foch 155 has become outclassed over time from its huge nerf. So you are probably like ok so whats that got to do with its wn8 values. Simple 1,000 wn8 is one mag more or less in this tank (2,300 dmg) as its a auto loader this makes sense. What really is screwed up is how the wn8 from dmg stacks with this tank such as 3,200 dmg gives only 1,782 wn8 like just think for a moment name any other tank that gains wn8 at such a slow rate even 4,000 dmg is only c
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