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  1. Would there actually be interest in this type of content? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCVH13-xngQ1L1ybJpxy9OdGY7RZjx48q
  2. Officially removed from my WGLNA team. Guess this is farewell.

  3. Came back from break, found out WGLNA team won first place.

    1. Tedster59
    2. Xen


      Congrats, you are the best team on the worst server

    3. GeeForcer


      We did you proud

  4. Hidden Russian bias in the game. 122mm calibre guns can overmatch 40mm roof armor found on many German tanks. Meanwhile, British get 120mm, US get 120mm, which do not overmatch.
  5. So somehow this happened: http://i.imgur.com/FxfLH8y.png

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    2. no_name_cro


      Contact support anyway.

    3. adi


      lel i doubt he even wants it but that's hilarious

  6. They want to make a game that appeals to a wide variety of people. Imagine you're a new player again, constantly put in matches against more experienced opponents. They will beat you with skill, but you can beat them with luck, and hopefully grow to become interested enough in the game to continue playing as well as eventually paying.
  7. A replay analyzer does exactly what the name says it does; analyze replays. A match is only recorded as long as you are present in it; the moment you leave, it stops recording. It is not possible to "repair" information that is simply not present, and it is no fault of the replay analyzer.
  8. XVM Chance to Win was designed with the average player in mind. It's been tested a bunch of times, with the same reoccurring result. Accuracy is strongest with an average player, and weakens the more that becomes an outlier.
  9. If you mean "teamwork" as in "communication", I'm sure there'd be more of it on EU, except nobody speaks your language.
  10. If there was ever a time to convert XP, it would be now, right? http://i.imgur.com/SrWNoYf.png

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    2. 37h
    3. SkittlesOfSteeI


      that is how much he can convert not total

    4. hiipanda


      all tonks unlocked

  11. Go to K6 and help Obj268 dislodge the T-54. Put the VK4502B behind the building on cap, frontally facing middle. Obj268 only allied tank spotted, therefore must be enemy SPG target. Spotting from K7 lets you find most SPGs that are at K8/K9/K0. It is not possible for enemy SPG to both hide and shoot at Obj268. Cap pressure forces enemy Batchat to come back and try to reset from G5. By this time, you should have taken control of K7.
  12. Type61 has less dispersion (smaller aim circle), than Centurion 7/1.
  13. If you get 7 or less wins in arena, you get.. 1. A pack of cards (worth 40 dust) 2. Some gold 3. Two random rewards Random rewards will give either gold, dust, common card, or rare card. Because arena gives the best rewards for gold, I can assume that I will probably only ever be spending gold on arena, and nothing else. By extension, because I can already do unlimited non-stop arena, gold rewards aren't really useful. Getting a common card isn't too useful either, because the odds of me wanting or needing that single card is very low. This leaves the only two useful rewards being dust, and r
  14. The changes seem really unnecessary and pointless, considering the meta shift to corridors and engagement distances of 300m. Being more dependent on team basically means soloing will be harder, and people who got killed by TDs will rejoice. It's hard to extrapolate without actual gameplay on the main servers. I want to point out, that despite all these people complaining about TDs being amazing and all that, medium tanks will always win more, and are perfectly balanced. It's like the predictions from before, in that with SPGs having been nerfed, people will always find more things to complain
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