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  1. The best advice i ever had was get a tier 10 and play it non stop untill your not shit. went from a 46% to where i am now.
  2. Honestly, dumbells are a waste of time and you'll never be motivated when using them. i'm 17 now and brought a pair of adjustable dumbbells when i was ~15 and 75kg. i used them for about a month untill nothing happened besides mabye a bit of bicep growth (im endo as fuck for those who knows what that means) so i gave up. when i was 16 and probably about 80kg i brought myself a gym membership and went every day after school, and still go most days. BEST THING IVE EVER DONE Just dumbells do jack shit, its repetitive as fuck and does nothing good for your figure. Going to the gym motivates you
  3. I would say thats a bad idea. your average tier is already abnormally low, and your wn8 is suffering because of it. like peanut said, i would do the Kewei way as you seem to have a pretty decent grasp of the game, and that helps alot of players get better.
  4. MagicSeagull

    Type 62

    It used to be a HEAT slinging beast but now its just apoor performing wz-131
  5. Meh, i play just about exclusively snipers but i play them aggressively so i suppose its different from shooting people from 500m away
  6. It never goes much further than things like not playing the m4 because it gives you crap wn8 and the occasional spate of damage farming in light tanks but alot of the time i wish i was the 46%er who genuinely enjoyed every minute of the game.
  7. iil probably get negged for this but whatever. i recently got into league of legends and it has since taken over my computing time with me almost never playing tanks anymore, its a game that i find really enjoyable with a massive playerbase. You'll either love it or hate it. im loving it so far
  8. Welcome to the forums! you chose the best time to begin taking the game seriously and improve yourself. most people here are experienced and very helpful so don't be afraid to ask questions. enjoy your stay!
  9. That flanking picture brang back some memories for me but i can't put my finger on it. Brothers in arms hells highway possibly?
  10. Tbh if your only in it for the wn8 then i wouldn't take either. both have extremely high expected damage values
  11. Batchat is prettymuch my favourite tank and skilled players can abuse it very easily so i say go for that. lorraine is kinda killer but tbh its not that bad as people make it out to be and has decent depression for an autoloader.
  12. First things first, welcome to the master race of wotlabs, and good on you for not enjoying arty. i also suffer from horrible ping from NZ so i can relate. I personally had lights as my first tier 7's and 8's, but i wouldn't recommend them due to the high skill floor and prior experience required to effectively use them. TD's are becoming less and less relevant with the games meta shift so i would stay away or now unless theirs some you really want to try (ii recommend the ISU-152, heaps of fun). Your med line is already off to a good start, with the russian meds being regarded as one of th
  13. Stop promoting your channel brah /sarcasm
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