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  1. I don't know if I am bad at reading this or at making accounts or both, but if I understand this right, if I have an account here I should have one there already too? Because using my login credentials from here don't work there, and when I go into register it says my username and my email are both unused over there. Am I supposed to log in with my WotLabs info, or make a new account entirely over there?
  2. I always think of Arlo Guthrie and how any male adult in his stories from him as a kid always starts their sentences with "kiiiid".
  3. Pretty sure dude was trolling when I look at it in hindsight. He sat in the back of the base the entire game behind a building on Malinovka complaining the whole round that we on the hill were not pushing and just shitting it up and being bad. We had already won hill and were pushing down it. He then starts going on that he is going to drown himself if the team doesn't push down hill. This is while we are entering their base. Gotta be a troll.
  4. I go on tilt so bad that I refuse to stop playing until I end up punching the cushion of the couch behind me so hard my hand is bleeding. I occasionally pull hair out. Usually because of really bad RNG shots that miss but shouldn't at all.
  5. I found the 3002 D dreadful. I didn't play in it much before going "FUCK IT!" and free XPing the Indien. Indien I like. Kept it, but haven't really played it since.
  6. I don't really know why, but I guess I didn't really grasp overmatching before seeing this and the other overmatching video. Put it into practice tonight while soloing against an E 100 tonight. I had 26 HP left on my E 100 and there was a full HP E 100 right in front of me. I just face hugged him and kept shooting his deck penning each time, and I could see his panic and disbelief at what was happening as he frantically tried to get a pen somewhere on me and couldn't make it happen (lol, should have shot me with HE) and I just wrecked him. 10/10 on videos from Valachio, would watch a
  7. I absolutely love the Leopards. I would marry them if I could. PT A is my favorite tank in the game now (kept it). I am always up for Leopard Platoons.
  8. Maybe a press account? Or an event account? I thought the event accounts were differently named though?
  9. Seen this guy before. He has teamkilled me several times. Ask him about his clan, he thinks it's top shit.
  10. I don't see why the premiums were left out...war crime panther and the Lowe should be on there too. And the jagd 8.8
  11. If by rare you mean pretty much non-existant.......yeah. I think I have fired a total of 5 HEAT shells in my STB-1 since getting it, and I just hit 180 battles in it tonight. My Leopard 1..........I just don't see why they even bother giving it the option. I don't really use food at all on any of my tanks other than scouts. STB-1 I feel I need to have the extinguisher and repair and med kits, and Leopard 1.....well, I could take off the extinguisher, but I am paranoid about that now, because every time I run my Leopards without extinguishers, they get set on fire nearly every game or ev
  12. Managed to get my first mark on my Lowe last night in my warmup games, and I was really disappointed with the positioning. Right on the the tip just behind the muzzle break, and I feel it isn't really noticeable. I was expecting it to be closer to the middle where it will actually, you know, STAND OUT.
  13. Dude is like a quarter to half the reason I left SMART. That clan was originally made for players in a community called TeamPlayerGaming (a long time home for me) and it got overrun by people not even part of it. Basically killed the forum for SMART on the TPG website, too. http://www.teamplayergaming.com/-smart-public-discussion/ Funnily enough, I started playing the game far better when I left.
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