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  1. Quickybaby still sponsored by G2A lul 

    1. PityFool


      Lmao, not surprised.

    2. Gr1nch_1


      Dunno if you guys saw it but looks like he uploaded video where he won by capping. 

      Incoming fastcap games i guess :/

  2. Lion is the one that does the shooting, I'm the one that doesn't.
  3. good work, you can still refund.
  4. So, how is Suicide Squad?

    1. Tarski


      Fun. Good enough to be worth seeing once. Adequate. 

      It has the kinds of downsides you might expect from a DC superhero ensemble movie.

      • "grim" lighting so dark the action occasionally becomes indistinct
      •  a poorly motivated villain
      • character development hamstrung by the number of characters vs. the time limit
      • no in-movie description of most superpowers and the threats they face, so that lots of action doesn't make much sense without a comic book background
      • demigods do battle while mortals are reduced to scenery, life is cheap, we're supposed to feel sorry for a character being separated from their child while they thoughtlessly orphan hundreds of other children, etc. 


    2. KenadianCSJ


      It's mediocre. Not a train wreck, but not good in the least. Slightly less disappointing than Superman vs. Batman. Watch Assault on Arkham if you want a good Suicide Squad movie.

    3. Wanderjar


      +1 to both of these replies.

  5. Well, they are not wrong.


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