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  1. Shot you a friend invite, feel free to send invites whenever you see me online.
  2. So..I've been gone for 10 months and my friends list has died. Press F to pay respects. I can use TS, but I would prefer to silent platoon since listening to music helps me focus on the game. I would like to platoon with players that at least have 1600+ overall wn8. Post here or message me in game. I'm typically on after 6:00pm CST.
  3. I've been camping there since 60 range, I've killed a good 2,000 Tzhaar at this point.
  4. So this just happened: http://imgur.com/miJjzBU,wp8fCeP,ElfNWft,QO4CFt9,ltX2YS2#0

    1. MrsmilieyfaceC8
    2. Toph_Beifong


      It's an album^ Gotta copy/paste the entire url.

  5. Thought I'd bump this in case anyone else wants to join me for some pref 8s. Currently on an 8 loss streak right now.
  6. I just finished watching Akame ga Kill and now I can't stop listening to that second opening. Also:
  7. Go ahead and add me to the list if you'd like.
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