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  1. Garbad brought up the camo thing from his post on the WoT forum when he could still post: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/244802-my-standardized-crewequipmentammoconsumables-setup-v20/ The crew was moved up the line.
  2. I just wanted to get the update to date opinions on T57 setup. I am approaching my 4th crew skill and wanted to get an update. The last information I pulled was from Garbad on the WoT forums. "Because they cannot equip a rammer (and yet still have high view range), these tanks are free to use optics. At the same time, because they will focus more on support fire instead of brawling, I prioritize gunnery skills and camo over repairs. Note that the camo rating on the AMX 50 and US mediums is actually pretty decent, enough that you can hide reasonably well, especially while clipping."
  3. Ugh... way too many tanks. I am still working up some lines, but here is a list of the ones I have kept once I have past them. If I kept them, it is because I liked them or they were iconic in some way Tier 10 -> T110E5, T57, E 100, IS-7, T-62A, Batchat 25t. I have the T110E4 unlocked and waiting for the ON Track. I have the E 50 M and M48 Patton unlocked and .... i dont know. Maybe if i get a free 6.1M I will buy them. Tier 9 -> T30, M46 Patton, E 75, E 50, Obj 704 (will keep), T-54 (will keep), Tier 8 -> T69, Rhm (will keep), VK4502A, Ferdi, IS-3, T34, Lowe, Super
  4. Roneth


    In my opinion, the game is much improved from Beta. There are still some issues of course (bottom tier of the battle plane performance) and of course the player base itself (with a small community, the bad tend to stand out) but I have found the game play enjoyable and I have certainly enjoyed myself playing it.
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