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  1. Finished Code Geass: Akito the Exiled. I'm not particularly fond of it, mostly because I feel like it was 5 hours of wasted potential, but then again, most shows are. Full disclosure, I watched it dubbed, which I found to be better. Mini review: tl;dr If you're a fan of Code Geass, you'll have already watched this, or plan on watching it regardless. Otherwise, it's not going to convince you to like Code Geass. srs tho, L E I L A
  2. I haven't been genuinely disturbed or disgusted in a long time. The inane links that I get from spending time with degenerates on TS all year didn't amount to what I just saw. So congratulations to Muv Luv Alternative. I am now unable to sleep, but I'll be able to participate in the Deus EQ in PSO2 that starts at 5AM now because of that. Yes, that scene in MLA got me fucked up, especially considering one of my favorite characters was involved.
  3. With regards to the TDP and temps, I find it absolutely lucrative that switching from Power Saver to Turbo mode on the Vega cards can increase their TDP by almost 200W, and with a difference of maybe 10 FPS. Of course, this means that the performance per watt goes up by 25-30% on average if you use Power Saver instead of Turbo. I don't think anyone would bother with Turbo mode, especially when you don't even gain anything above a 5% increase in performance.
  4. $0.10/kWh here and that's considered above average for where I live. The 56 vs the 1070 looks like a similar situation to the 480 vs 1060, in which the 480 pulled ahead over time with newer drivers and better DX12 support. I'm going to have to disagree with this a little. Yes, Vega runs hot and draws a shitload of power while having underwhelming performance, but the architecture/technology is actually innovative by comparison. Vega has HBM2 and it has the best DX12 support out of any card out at the moment. NVIDIA's real advantage right now lies in their insane performance per watt, which AMD simply can't beat right now. Unfortunately, outside of productivity and mining, Vega pales in comparison to contemporary NVIDIA cards. I'd honestly choose a 56 over a 1070 (assuming it's remotely possible to get one for its actual MSRP) because I'm confident that it'll get better over time, but I wouldn't even think of getting a 64 over a 1080, let alone a 64 Liquid Edition over a 1080/1080ti.
  5. I wasn't initially planning on watching Fate/Apocrypha, but then I saw that it was UTW that was subbing it. inb4 Solono
  6. Holy fucking shit... NAMIRIN DID A COVER OF ONLY MY RAILGUN still like the original more though
  7. After watching Koe no Katachi, I just had to read the manga as well. Personally, I think it's somewhat disappointing in that there isn't really that big of a pay off in the end to justify feeling like shit for 90% of the time. Still good though, so I'll recommend it. Minor Spoiler about one of the characters:
  8. I remember when I was younger than some lolis when I started watching this shit...
  9. I previewed the subs for Saekano S2 in order to figure out which one was the best to go with. Full disclosure, I did NOT finish watching the entire first episode with both subs. My intent is to get a preview of which subs to go with, and I don't wish to spoil too much of the show for anyone. The contenders here are FFF, Doki, and HorribleSubs. Note that Doki also translates some of the written text that is present for clarification, this is present later on as well. Here are the HorribleSubs in comparison: Doki and HS avoid subbing the background chatter, while FFF went ahead and subbed it At this point, all that's left is the OP, I'm not going to show much more to avoid potential spoilers and this already gives you guys a decent idea of what to expect. It's really more up to your personal preference on Doki or FFF imo. With Doki's rep of leaving shows unfinished, I'm strongly leaning more towards FFF, though I'm not too confident in their translating abilities if past shows are indicative of their quality. Regardless of which one you choose, you'll still get to see Eriri's wonderful facial expressions and Utaha's sexy legs.
  10. Just saw Kimi no na wa. I don't think it's the perfect anime. Would I refute anyone that claims it was perfect? No. Would I argue with someone that said it was shit? No. Compared to having just finishing up Kizumonogatari yesterday, it's quite the opposite feeling. I really liked both. Kizu managed to make me feel extremely satisfied, while making me want to rewatch the Monogatari series all over again, Kimi no na wa left a different impression on me. Such that I want to constantly think about it, every scene gnaws at me and I feel a sense of dissatisfaction because I can't stop thinking about it. It made me smile, it made me want to cry, it made me excited, I was invested in it such that I began to want certain things to turn out so that I had to keep watching. I feel like I have much more to say, but I don't feel like putting such effort into finding a way to express it in a half assed way. tl;dr - Watch Kimi no na wa, go in raw with no expectations, because it could be shit or it could be fucking amazing. Just let if fuck you, and you just might have one of the best orgasms of your life. o7 fellow Shinkai fan, @KraftLawrence ...
  11. I saw Kizumonogatari III: Reiketsu-hen earlier today, which finally completes my collection. My short, spoiler free verdict: If you've already seen the last two movies and liked them, why do you need me to convince you to watch this one? As for anyone that hasn't seen the Monogatari series yet, this is actually a great place to start, because it it's really easy to get into and also happens to be the beginning of the story. Edit: I'm also going to watch Kimi no na wa tomorrow in theaters. I convinced my mom to watch it with me on her birthday; we'll see if it's really 10/10 material.
  12. Osu!Lazer is supposedly moddable enough that someone made a Project Diva esque gamemode for it.
  13. IMO, I actually feel like the majority of people in most places actually like it. It seems that it has its reputation because the minority that hates it is quite vocal, and liking SAO is seen as an indication of having poor taste. Any YouTube channel that makes reviews on anime will basically say the same shit about it. Now this in turn, has led to the widespread criticism of SAO. I don't necessarily agree with this though, because (mostly conjecture here) I feel that many people who hate on SAO, hate it because they've been told to hate it; they don't genuinely dislike the show. They could be doing this for a multitude of reasons, and seeing how I saw SAO fairly early on, back in my middle schoo days, I think I'm in a position to speak about this. When I started watching anime, I would only watch shows that were deemed "good", and so I would always watch/read multiple reviews on almost everything beforehand. Now this wasn't necessarily a bad thing, it gave me a feel for what I would come to like in anime, and most people that begin watching anime will watch mostly shows that are recommended to them. But this also made it so I never actually had an opinion, I didn't want to seem intellectual inferior or come off as having "bad taste" so I just stuck with what everyone (what the YouTube reviews said at least) and left it at that. So here I am now, 6 years later, and I've seen some shit. Some good shit, some pretty shitty shit, but I don't regret it. Now that I've gained some experience and heard the opinions of other people, I feel comfortable enough to make my own opinions. This forum was actually a pretty good starting point for that, because I've been able to be more and more honest once I got my foot in the door. It seems like it all comes down to this: How does it make you feel? I never understood how @KraftLawrence could possibly enjoy so many of the shows he's watched. I think I have a good idea of it now. This does NOT mean I won't shit on you for having certain opinions. I've noticed over the years that people who make reviews on something, always seem to have an opinion based on how they feel about something. Similar to how an adaptation of something will skew the opinion of someone who has/hasn't experienced the source material. There's a reason why I haven't rated anything on MAL in almost 2 years. I simply cannot rate something on a numerical scale, knowing that someone else watching it will feel something completely different. I could give Railgun a full 10/10 because I fucking loved that show simply because of that, or I could be more "objective" and give it something like a 7/10. In the latter case, I'd be straight up lying to myself, because there's no way in hell I'd ever rate it a 7/10. On the other hand I simply can't say that it's a 10/10 because it is not a perfect show by any means, nor will most people agree that it is. So after typing all of that (I had more to say, but I'd risk losing your interest, if I haven't already), I'm left feeling like everyone is inconsistent. We'll argue about which shows are good or bad; people will think they're better than people that watched the anime because they read the manga/novel beforehand; @Solono will think Fate is shit, my IRL friend will continue to like it; Kraft will will never finish White Album 2 because of Setsuna (fuck you), and yet... ...all is right in the world.
  14. Haven't had much time to watch anime in a while because my time has been taken up by school and hellgrinding planes on War Thunder (for some reason I decided to get back into it). In the meantime, here's a link for a fan-translation of Shin Sekai Yori, to anyone here that's interested in reading LNs. I personally really enjoyed the anime, though I won't have time to actually read any of it until much, much later when I have loads of free time and don't feel compelled to constantly grind arbritrary numbers in whatever shit game I'm playing at the time. @LordSilen Osu!Lazer is confirmed to have custom game modes; a user made a Project Diva style mode for it. You interested?
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