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  1. I bought mine only for the reason that on crew training and x5s it is another tank to crew grins even as a shutter 4 premium tanks will grind a a bit more crew xp.
  2. sela nice 30k. tanks helped me kick my Warham mee habit. I love the word bearers. best legion ever. created the hours heresy by themself
  3. Well I used to play wfb back when it was good but quit before 8th ed and slowly sold off most of my collection. although I do remember Ben curry's first tournament from baddice
  4. I know it will happen just lucky to be able to get your help. I know i am doing a lot of things wrong so this is invaluable
  5. Really looking forward if i can get in before it fills up.
  6. Hope i can get a call soon looking forward to learning
  7. I am really looking forward to this. I would love to see all the mistakes i make which is loads and to nail it down
  8. I am struggling as even thought I am a shitter the amount of arty targeting me is getting me 1 shot too much. 3 arty every game is annoying
  9. I have my type 61 unlocked for my crew mission. It does look interesting a d maybe worth the missions more that the stug 4
  10. I had 14 HE as I have never fired that many rounds In it. But that's why I am yellow and anfield is purple. Getting some gold so the crew skills can be adjusted. But I am getting better than to here and Anfields advice
  11. Oh sorry. Getting some gold today so next time you log on can you change them.
  12. Anfield I still feel bad about ruining the dream you had in my 140.glad you have a EU account to play on.
  13. Well as a bad re picked it up and I love it now. Regretted I sold it in the first place. It eats up enemies and all the tips here have helped a few 3k damage games as well
  14. As a bad I am loving this tank. After playing lots of pta this feels very similar gun wise with better depression which is what I am liking.
  15. Well as a baddie I bought it back and liking it so far. Great tips for it. Also with 3 prem meds for the murica line means I can get a good crew fast
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