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  1. Had a night where in two consecutive games I was on the same side as Flamu (he got TKed like 2 minute into the game I think) and against Aerroon, which we won. Didn't feature in YouTube luckily.
  2. I gather from the OP second sentence that he is both prepared to and actually does fire at teammates deliberately. Really, a TKing guide for WoWs, wtf. Was that a deliberate shit post or were you looking for help to cure your madness?
  3. I have no idea where people get the idea that Hydro and Radar are useless at countering smoke. They are very good at defeating the clouds of noob, you just have to know how to use them to defeat it.
  4. Good general advice! I don't take WoWs, or any game for that matter, seriously and because of quite a lot of upheaval with me changing jobs right now can't choose when I want to play. Having said that, when I did play this ranked season I had about 6 evenings at my disposal of which one I played random battles to warm up and reach rank 12 with no difficulty (thanks Belfast and Shatorpedotysu)
  5. SF was/shouldn't be a regularly used tool in the Belfast toolbox anyway. Yeah, you can do it but the rainbow arcs mean it isn't all that effective. SF is, IMHO, the WoWs equivalent of Arty in tonks. That said, the changes may break a few ships (watch the buffs they get in return) but are, for me at least, a very welcome change.
  6. Had a, due to work, couple of weeks off any WoWs. Came back, Ranked battles are truly rank. I stopped at Rank 12 which was surprisingly easy to reach. The standard of play at that level last night was truly awful.
  7. Yeah, the Tier 5 MM makes playing this ship more painful that it needs to be but, take heart, each ship that comes after is an improvement on the one before.
  8. In a ship with the best stealth in Ranked, spotting should never be overrated and you are the best capper too.
  9. Situational awareness: you have to be constantly aware of how things are developing, where you team is, where you enemies are/might be Planning: things happen relatively slowly and because of that you need to know where to go next before you need to go there: make a short term battle plan and execute it Know your ships: if you don't know what ships are capable of you cannot take account of this when you a) try to coordinate your team b) avoid the ships you are weakest against in the beginning/mid term. Be prepared to abuse the current meta: BBs sitting back? Take advantage of it
  10. Did the same last night: 73% WR in it last night, 63% overall for this season. Think I will stick to it and the Belfast. I was in 3 ranked battles with 3 or more DDs on each side last night alone.
  11. Are you using F3 Torps? Since the latest patch people are moving away from F3 tops and using the longer range ones (not the 20km ones mind). The reason is that Radar boats make delivering F3 torps really hard.
  12. When you consider that 2.0 will allow players to reset their accounts with full compensation AND keep their premiums I would say yes, it is. https://aw.my.com/gb/news/general/balance-20-compensation
  13. That and the fact it has insane stealth, is very fast and agile for its tier as well as being tiny means that this could be the seal clubbers T2 of choice.
  14. Keeping the Nagato between 10km and 14km from KM BBs works well in my experience.
  15. WG really did a job on them. Just prior to the patch they life the NDA so that reviewers could go public which several did. The opinion was that the higher tier ships would be very competitive hybrids with the ability to stealth fire with the appropriate build. Just before release WG then seriously nerfed the detectability range when firing on ALL the KM DDs which basically makes the entire line full of mediocre ships at best.
  16. The Nagato is still as effective as it ever was (unless it got nerfed in this patch of course).
  17. Sorry but no. You are comparing apples with eggs. There is a reason why having progression in one game isn't linked to progression in another: You are advertising your competitor for free. Apart from that by doing so you would have all the fails from WoT coming over to AW with their 40k games and 45% WR instantly jumping into T10 vehicles and turning each battle into a real tomato field.
  18. This would be true IF both campaigns didn't allow you to play lower than T8, The first one has missions from III to X. Having said that I did all of mine with Tier 8 boats (have nothing higher, casual like) except for Co-Op missions with my Fiji.
  19. I found the "new" Kagero to be all round better than the old Fubuki, Torps do the job well enough and the guns are a vast improvement. Also graduated to the Fiji last night: when people say the RN CL line starts here they are being guilty of gross understatement.
  20. Where did you see the new tree? Edit: the sources I have found say this is leaked from a Chinese server.... any reliable sources out there? Found them
  21. The Bayern is a good ship, for its tier at least. Then you have the RNGneisenau which can both delight and frustrate in equal measure. Then comes the Bismark... with a secondary build (if you have a 15 pt Captain Manual Secondaries!) this ship is a gem and is capable of punching well above its weight. If you can get passed the Bismark the sparkle fades somewhat but the Freddy and the "Great Elector" are still good boats.
  22. I don't find the turn radius to be that bad for a battle barn but, yes, knowing when to use sonar is definitely a good thing.
  23. I had been saving up free xp for the RN CL line but, in a moment of weakness, I spent it on the Bismark instead. What a beast the secondary build is and I am 1 skill away from Manual Secondaries. The main gun RNG is not as bad at ranges under 12km as the RNGneisenau is, can still let you down badly but the monster secondary fire makes up for that. Amazingly tanky too when you get the angling right.
  24. My Fubuki with its 72 knot torps would dispute that claim. On the shells being too hard hitting at short range, would you advocate using HE instead of AP? Because the damage from AP at short range is really poor unless you get lucky.
  25. I was amazed at how bad so many are. I am by no means a "good", ie 60%+ WR player, because I have hardly played recently but I haven't forgotten the basics. The sheer number of Dunks and Molotovs in the games last night was incredible too. I was really disappointed with the Bayern, the dispersion even at short ranges makes can make for a lot of frustration and even when you do hit the spread is so high the chances of a citadel with a well aimed salvo is still too low. Hit a Balalaika (or whatever the Tier 6 Ru cruiser is called) broadside with 6 from 8 shells and only got 1 pen, 1 ricoc
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