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  1. Hey all. I used to play ALOT from 2014 to 2018 and then started taking a break Bruning myself out. I've played a few campaigns and have experience working in a coordinated team with a caller. Overall WN8 is 2528 but I gotta warm myself back up to that. Been grinding new trees and having.... Great "fun" with the mediocre midtiers. Lemme know! I'm keen on playing in the next campaign
  2. Hmmm to join a weeb clan or not. Difficult Japanese decisions.
  3. After taking a long hiatus from the game. I'm glad to see Minions still up and running! I miss my first clan.
  4. Hey guys Took a much needed hiatus from WoT and looking to get back into the grind. Previous clans: Rel_3 (before collapse) -G- (left for hiatus) I tried to build up some recent matches to show I'm still capable of playing. Tier 10's have Decent Wn8 to show I'm not just statpedding lower tiers.
  5. I just wanna see whats around. My team resume: Rel_3 (Rip) Foxey (Rip) http://wotlabs.net/na/player/dirty_gaijin Tier 10's right now: E5 57 Heavy Grille 140 62a Is7 50B STB Tier 10's unlocked: E-100 Batchat Action X Obj 261 (yay) E4 Edit: Dunno if its a perk or a burden. I'm Japanese. So Weebs please be gentle.
  6. I'm only 8 matches into the 34/100 and its nearly unbearable. the gun handling is so bad. theres no armor, theres no speed for any flanking. why...
  7. Which would be best Per tier though? I havent played either tank so I don't know how they work being not top tier. My mates have been telling me to be patient and wait for TD week. but I just want to get it done lol
  8. Hey guys So I've been trying this dumb MT-15 for a good while now and after a near hundred matches its still unobtainable. I've been trying with the crommie B and having a friend in a E-25 so I'm guaranteed in a higher tier match but the crommie's gun handling is just not working out well. To those who have accomplished it, what did you do?
  9. I'm glad to see the minions still active!
  10. Hmmm I do miss my Rel_3 days... but probably wouldnt be the same
  11. Its more so which one is more worthwhile. I've never played the T57 HEavy but its always nice to have other Tier 10's. is it used in clan wars? I don't know how it plays. Its generally a "what are your guys' opnion.
  12. I was having fun with the m40/43 and the 212A these past few days... Edit: Removed due to no relevance.
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