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    Garbad's Thread of Solopub Domination

    I would actually like to know how much you value solo play over platooned play. I prefer solo for the most part because that's just the way I am in life, I prefer to work on a project alone than in a group (CW is the exception of course). Certain people I occasionally platoon with flaunt their stats constantly to the point it becomes annoying. Upon inspecting their service record these people typically have two or three times the amount of B.I.A. medals that I do. I had a long streak of battles where I didn't acknowledge improving, like most players, but since then my stats still suffer. I have tested the same experiment on my IS-4, that you have on your ST-1 and Object 430, of playing only solo games just to see what I can do. When I bring this up with said pretentious players their response is basically: "Solo means nothing" or "Why would you ever solo".