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  1. I snagged the $99 package, I had been milking my gold from all the way back to the IS-6 challenge, so it was time to stock back up. I like the tank, sucks it doesn't have preferred MM, at tier VIII it is very lacking. Tier VII and VI it can do very well. Not disappointed.
  2. Had my first CTD tonight in my E-25, but I am running into trouble when trying to join Clan Battles and Team Battles. The latter isn't really an issue as I only joint Team Battles when I accept what I think is a platoon invite, so no loss there, but it would be nice to not have Clan Battles completely stall at loading tank info. Any ideas for that issue?
  3. Gath69

    Chaffee advice

    Rammer/VertStab/Optics it is.
  4. I would be all for the 121, I am grinding the WZ-120 and WZ-111 1-4, almost done with the 120, over half way done with the 111. Rolled over 14 million credits today, but can't force myself to buy a tier X until I know for sure. Already have all the others, but E4 event would be fine, grinding my Hellcat crew for the Campaign.
  5. Yeah, E3 all the way. I have the FV4202 and FV215b researched and don't plan on buying them any time soon. Same with the 263, researched, but not purchased. I am waiting to see what the next On Track event is gonna be, plus I am almost done with the 113 and 121, so I will have to make a decision on what to buy. I have enough credits to buy two, but I am hoping for an equipment sale for Halloween, fingers crossed. Either way I will probably figure out how to buy two of the 5 tier Xs I have researched in the next month, just not sure which, but the two FVs are probably the bottom of the lis
  6. Gath69

    Chaffee advice

    I started running my Chaffee again, as I think it will be very useful in the Tier VI stage of the upcoming campaign. Any suggestions on equipment. I was thinking Rammer, Optics, but not sure if I should keep Vents, Suspension or what for the 3rd piece. I guess there could be a case made for camo net if u r passive scouting, but I play mine more like a mosquito, harassing players, but rarely sitting still for long. Got my ACE the other night in it. 2k damage in it. Killed an E-75 which was pleasing, did some damage to a T-54, all and all a fun battle. http://www.mediafire.com/download
  7. I still solo pub far more than I platoon, but I am a firm believer in platoons with tier Xs. I can't carry the amount of bad that there is at tier X these days.
  8. Any leaks on the next On Track Event?? I have the FV4202, FV215B and the Obj 263 unlocked at the moment and enough credits to buy one of them. I am grinding the WZ-120, WZ-111 1-4, Tortoise and the FV304 ATM.
  9. I will be playing my WZ-120 in the PM. It seems to be a good Alpha for the T-54's Omega Really though they are a good one-two punch.
  10. Are the results in yet?? Didn't see a list of winners yet and haven't gotten any gold, so who knows what that means. I am hoping I won 3k in the T-54, but I am sure there was tough competition. I had multiple 15xx battles, but one that was over 1,600 base, so hopefully that was enough. I didn't really play any other tiers, except for the earn your steel missions, but I don't recall having any break out battles during that. If the results are in can someone post a link?
  11. Yeah I had a 7 kill battle in my AMX M4 1945, in a tier VIII battle, should have gotten Kolobanovs, but I made a bad decision and got blasted by arty. Defeat! Map: Redshire Date: 10/8/2013 2:02:51 PM Vehicle: AMX M4 mle. 45 Exp: 1,191 Credits: 39,868 Achievements: : Sharpshooter Yours was better and I feel your pain.
  12. The camo net and binocs activate automatically, but only after you have been still for 5 secs. This is the ideal situation to be in if you can get to a spot that has a bush or two and set up there. You will be able to see your enemy before they see you and with camo net and binocs you more than likely will get 2-3 shots in on them before you get spotted, possibly even kill them. There isn't a tutorial on this and really you can't completely tell when you are pulling this off unless you get 6th Sense trained to 100%, but there are some modifications you can install to the game to help with k
  13. I am running into this issue as well. I took stuff off the tier Xs that didn't seem to get used much in clan wars, my IS-4, Maus, etc. and now with the armor changes and HEAT changes they are being requested again, so I have to take equipment off of this and put it on that to ready up for CWs. Plus the fact that they keep adding lines to the tech trees, so now you need a whole nother set of equipment. I don't have a lot of holes to fill, but I could use a few of this and a few of that to complete my current garage.
  14. As mentioned, BT5 is the sweet spot on this tank. Its armor does really well when faced with its peers. Beware tier V tds, DERP M4s, but a lot of the other tanks will bounce off of you a fair amount. Gun is decent, fast RoF, but meh pen, so you will want to carry some SPREM, for other Churchills, KV-1, T1 Heavy, T14s, etc. I haven't taken mine out since I bought the IS-6. IDK that it will be on sale in the future, plus the Churchill III only cost a few hundered Gold on sale, so its really your call.
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