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  1. Got accused of having a bought account today :D

    1. DirtyACE7


      I don't mean to pry but how much was it? ;)

  2. The single best aspect of the SU-101 is it's ability to make you appreciate the -4 gun depression you had on the SU-100M1.

    1. Tman450


      oh god, everyone says the su-101 is so bad, it makes me never want to play it. i loved the 100m1 to death.

  3. Looks like you might be playing a higher average tier than you were previously
  4. Hella late to the party but here I am That was way more work than just buying the T-54 back 0_o
  5. Been spamming 9's because I can't get a fucking T10 game because I play on West at not peak hours and waiting 4 minutes for a match fucking sucks.
  6. I was wondering what the benefit of having an dedicated IS-6 crew was. I know you recently 3 marked it so there must be a good reason you have one.
  7. Considering the entire point of the SP existing was to have a better gun than the Pershing, I'm glad they're bringing it up to par.
  8. ***Start Survey*** ***Part 1 – Demographic Data*** Directions: Please fill in the missing data World of Tanks Screen Name,Marco_Paulo Server (NA, EU, RU, SEA… ) ,NA Battles Played,23806 Average Win Rate,58.41 Average WN8,2404 Recent WN8,2722 Recent Win Rate,61.74 ***Part 2 – Your Expectations for Other Players*** Directions: Listed below are 6 different questions that pertain to 3 different groups of players. The 3 groups are “Bad”, “Average”, and “Good”. It is not my intent to quibble about what makes a player good or
  9. At least with leather I'm pretty particular. So for me to buy a strap I haven't seen in person, I want to see either premium materials e.g. horween or crocodile for a good value or an endorsement from a channel I trust.
  10. I'm not a huge fan of that beefy knurled crown, but otherwise I'd agree. I also only use my seconds hand to make sure the watch is running, so given that it has an open heart I'd honestly like it without one. Also does that perlage on the open heart area come stock? Only ever Miyota movement I owned was in an NY0040 which I couldn't see.
  11. I have little bitch wrists and can't wear >38mm
  12. Back in America bitches!

    1. Inciatus


      Huh thats why everything seems slightly worse suddenly.

      welcome back

    2. deathmachine16


      No more afternoon platoons now?

    3. Animactus


      Nah it will just mean I'm playing before class instead of after work :P

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