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    Animactus reacted to kolni in Italian Tanks: Progetto M35 mod 46 (vol. 1 and 2) and New Mechanic   
    I can't really see a way where this type of mechanic will be OP in the hands of the general players. This mechanic scales with foresight and map awareness which is something 90% of the playerbase doesn't even know about, let alone that there's a metagame. Scaling is perfectly viable, and while some tanks scale with micromanaging (russian mediums especially and in return turned very OP in the past) this is something you can't rush. The tank gets better the better of a player you are, so the mechanic is going to breathe new air into the game. This is an old MOBA concept that's been used for almost 20 years so unless WG finds a way to break the tanks completely with overbuffing then this should be fine. The tank displayed on the video looks like a very nice example of balance anyway, so I'm just hoping for the rest of the Italian tanks that follow the mechanic to remain the same. 
    Some thoughts on the gameplay and mainly a T10 perspective. (Assuming 390 alpha 3 round drum with the same reloads as the T8 presented in the video for simplicity)
    Pros: (from the tank and mechanics, not gameplay balance)
    Being able to shift in between single shot for DPM and autoloading for clutch or cleanup is interesting. What's probably going to be the absolute optimal way of playing this tank is to single shoot throughout entire engagements until you either get yoloed or when the engagement is about to end and you can end up clipping a full clip since you're about to move to another engagement anyway so you've created a situation where your clip is the best way of making your EDPM as high as possible. People experienced with TVP should be really familiar with this already in terms of picking the right times to clip so your timing is on point before the next engagement. The full clips seem to be about BC 25t reloads long so there's another tank to think of how and when to time the engagements in a way so you don't lose out even if the Italians and the BCs don't really share other things besides that.  This is related to the former one but not quite in the same way. It's also singleshot/autoloader related but cutting it out of from the black and white and greying the lines out a bit. The possibility of being able to take advantage of overcommitments. The T10 version of this is very likely to be able to solo pretty much any tier 10 short of the 2,5k+ HP targets. If someone is closing in on you, holding the single shot until they're fully clippable means that you're going to slap them for more than they can possibly give (this is the only broken aspect of the mechanic I can think of). Let's say the T10 follows the same reloads but simply with a 390 alpha gun (possibly 320 but 390 makes more sense for the sake of argument and since Italy is a NATO country to follow the trend of NATO guns) with a 3 round autoloader. 4 rounds would honestly be breaking it, and giving it worse reloads in general makes me consider the 3 round autoloader much more. 4 round could be possible with a lower alpha option but would still end up being worse for gameplay on both the playing and receiving end personally. That's doing 2-3 shots and then switching to the autoloader. Poof, dead. This thing is going to eat light tanks for breakfast and lower tiers for dinner. Just not rushing your autoloader instantly but deciding to do it when a longer reload won't gimp you, even if it's just talking about an extra shot instead of the full clip. Doing 2 shots worth and intentionally holding the third for an increase in DPM will surely also find itself worthwhile in certain situations.  MT platform will allow the mechanic to be used very well due to mobility in terms of rotating and the few flanking options the game has left.  Single shooting DPM isn't terrible. If you can live with poking every 10 seconds instead of every 6-8 you're going to be in an ideal position to farm up as much as possible before the engagement is about to end.  Autoloader intraclip is good. I personally think this needs nerfing, intraclip should not be better than any other autoloader that isn't a Foch 155. This basically means that with some foresight and distance, a BC or TVP won't stand a chance against you. First shot on spot, second fully reloaded shot before they close the distance put in and then 3 autoloaded shots while the only gap where you don't have the advantage is the time for you to reload that last third shell in the chamber when they're currently clipping you. Slap some HP on this scenario and basically anything sub 1,6-1,8k HP is not going to be able to push you unless you're two shot or less. With this mechanic you're actually going to fare decently in steamrolls. Maybe not super well but you will always have the chance to clip out whatever you're shooting at and decide that the damage right there is yours and your team won't leech off of it for a quick damage boost on endgame.  Speaking of endgame scenarios you're going to be king of the hill. Autoloaders still theoretically pose a bigger threat but they have the drawback of only being able to keep their gun in the game while they're reloaded meaning that unless this gets absolute garbage gun handling you're going to end up outfarming both autoloaders and single shooters on late midgame and endgame.  Cons:
    Firing a shell will restart the reload process of the currently loading shell. This is a necessary drawback but also one that really sucks while playing. Going single shooter is the way to go for most of the battle in this, but when people poke on your reloads as important kills or simply overcommitments that you want to get your hands on, the time spent reloading the currently loading shell is wasted. It really sucks when you've waited 9 seconds but your target is about to go out of cover, so you've effectively spent 24 seconds reloading one shell. This means that firm decisionmaking of when the clip and when to singleshoot is important, as mixing both on a whim might just kill your DPM more than just autoloading all 3 shells right from the get go.  Getting caught off guard. You're going to be just as useless as an autoloader that just started to reload if you get caught in the wrong places. You're risking to take hits with your first shell barely loaded, and firing it is saying bye even more to your DPM. The scenario will never work out in a favourable way. Not firing it is giving them uncontested free damage, and firing it is delaying your effectiveness by another 15 seconds.  Ammoracks. If it follows the same rules as all the other tanks do with ammoracks (reload time doubled but intraclip is unaffected) then you're going to be less effective than a T-34-2 trying to outplay a hulldown IS-7. HE T8 bots are going to deal more damage  Ammo rack durability and loader deaths is going to be a huge decider. If it's as common as other NATO tanks then wet ammorack is honestly a valid option if rammer isn't a possible equipment option.  I'm not sure about the gun handling so I put it here, missing shots is just going to suck. So hard. All newer autoloaders have poor pen as well so I wouldn't be surprised if this gets 248/300 pen. If so then I'll be running full HEAT considering you can't switch shells without reloading your clip unless the it has a decent ammo capacity. And it should have at least 40 shells considering the type of gameplay you'll end up doing, but personally 50-60 should be more likely but who knows. Ammo count can definitely gimp this tank as well. All in all it benefits from both upsides of having a single shooter, and also an autoloader. At the same time it also features both their downsides, and it poses a unique trait with another unique drawback that getting accustomed to might trouble a lot of people. I'm personally hyped for this as it's the first time since the Grille 15 that I'll actually go on the test server and really try it out.
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    Animactus reacted to How_Terrible in They f****ng did it - "New" T8 Prem, the Awfulpanther   
    There are going to be a lot of people that can not Even...
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    Animactus reacted to Malcontint in 9.20.1 Personal Missions   
    Only in WG's world is an ordered list of clearly written words inferior to a map graphic. 
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    Animactus reacted to monjardin in T-54 Gun Selection   
    Use the gun on the T-55A. 
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    Animactus reacted to Zepherex in M3 Lee to be removed from game   
    Status updates are on the front page for a reason.
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    Animactus reacted to Never in Absence and going forward   
    Hi everyone,
    So it's been a few months since I pretty much disappeared from WoTLabs, only coming back every once in a while to give a quick update to the WN8 expected stats or something like that.
    In this time I've basically had to shift almost all my focus to real life. In early 2017 I graduated from University and got my diploma. With that finally out of the way I could start working on getting my condo in "home" condition. If you've been here long enough, you might remember when I got the keys to my new (at the time) condo. Thing is, since I put everything I had saved into just getting it, since then I've been living in makeshift conditions, with cheap furniture and old appliances I got from family members in order to pay for my degree.
    Now that it's finally over with, I got my renovation project underway and after months of literal blood and sweat, it's finally nearing completion. In the meantime I've played some games but nothing that stuck. WoT is somewhat in the past for me now, haven't played it in months and still haven't felt like playing it again. Maybe in the future...
    Which leads me to WoTLabs...
    Now, WoTLabs is gonna be online and updated for as long as it pays for itself. Even if I disappear, I'm still keeping it up, adding new tanks. I want to get the new v31 expected values thing up and running (if someone can give me a hand I appreciate it). So don't worry, WoTLabs will be here, even if I'm not.
    That's all for now, thanks everyone for the support!
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    Animactus got a reaction from Sapros in Has anyone else been struggling with WR lately?   
    Looks like you might be playing a higher average tier than you were previously
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    Animactus got a reaction from Ezz in T55A Club: Like the T-54, but far more exclusive   
    Hella late to the party but here I am
    That was way more work than just buying the T-54 back 0_o
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    Animactus reacted to robosapieo in What are an M48A1's weakspots?   
    M48's biggest weakspot is how insecure it is about being called fat 
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    Animactus reacted to CraBeatOff in WN9 candidate prototype   
    That's exactly how you motivate folks for a pain in the ass volunteer project, for minor at best improvements and a dozen implementation barriers!
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    Animactus reacted to GHOSTK1LL3R in WN9 candidate prototype   
    Soooo, any updates?
    Honestly, just bring it out. If you keep delaying it more and more stuff is going to come out which will affect it. If this doesn't get implemented within the next month this honestly isn't going to get implemented, period.
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    Animactus reacted to Kitten in WN8 Expected Values Update   
    New values soon™
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    Animactus reacted to aaveq in E-Penis Enlargement and how its bad for w/r   
    Hello Bois, inspired by attention-whoring-e50-adztown-something-BabyRage-MyWIN8 i tried to pad some penis points today, and whore some attention along with it.
    Basically how i played:
    -focusing full hp targets, unless direct threat to my tonk
    -not helping teammates, to farm more dmg
    -not coming back to help @ crucial flank
    -not comming back to defend if there was something ez to farm
    -farming ez useless dmg
    -Steve suiciding to help depad w/r
    My generous sample size told me so:
    -padding to 4k is  gay, real man pads 5.5k/6k/7k wn8 on meds
    -excruciating pain for throwing games is as bad as being proud of 4k wn8 on t9 meds/type59
    -Even if you try to throw in Type59, you just cant get below 60% w/r due to shitters and pref mm.
    -WZ120 gun sucks, but pads pretty Dank/10
    -i wasnt camping enough cause more than 1 spots. i need to work on it.
    -It really feels bad to have that kind w/r x2222222222222
    -To depad w/r that low @_Steve had to suicide every battle
    -There is no joy in loosing for me, even with high wn8. Slightly less triggered, but it still sux elephants dix.

    -my epenis just punched me in my eyes, send halp.
    -having that low w/r with  3k+ wn8 requires help with throwing
    Stay tuned for more padding, gonna fuck my w/r all over, while providing e-penis enlargement to myself

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    Animactus reacted to Never in WN9 candidate prototype   
    taugrim is very much corect.
    God (actually @Kitten) knows I've been struggling to implement WN9. It does a lot of things in a way that WoTLabs was never designed to do nor it had the capacity to do due to the information available from the API at the time.
    So please hang in there. I want WN9 as much as anyone here, I just ask for patience.
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    Animactus reacted to Deusmortis in Guide on how to Solo at 86% WR   
    "When you do it right, they're not sure you've done anything at all."
    Note:  Advice does not apply to all situations.  WoTLabs is not responsible for the content of this post.  If you experience IRS audits, theft charges, or marital infidelity, immediately stop using advice and contact your lawyer.  
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    Animactus reacted to SocialFlaws in Guide on how to Solo at 86% WR   
    Hey guys! I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I just thought I would contribute with some tips on how to play the STB-1, seeing as how no one else has so far.
    So what you want to do with the STB-1 is to find a hill and try not to get shot, but shoot your enemies as much as possible. That's about all it takes! Thanks for reading my guide and below is some proof that I know what I'm talking about.

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    Animactus reacted to dualmaster333 in Guide on how to Solo at 86% WR   
    I used to struggle to win any games in my T26E5 Super Pershing. The tank would simply cause me rage and I broke multiple keyboards attempting to be purple in it. Then I read Vetro's Guide on How to Solo. I followed his detailed method to improving my Super Pershing game play. His vivid description of how to use skill rounds changed my life. Now I win 120% of my games, my purple member has trebled in size, and all the ladies want me.
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    Animactus reacted to Kitten in WN9 candidate prototype   
    I'll be giving it a go soon. Takes awhile to collect the data though (10 weeks at least?) and it's not something I want to be doing regularly. Supposedly it can be done on smaller databases with little variance so theoretically Never *could* set up a system to automatically do it.
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    Animactus reacted to Never in WN9 candidate prototype   
    Can someone PM me a full writeup on the implementation steps of WN9? I'll implement it ASAP.
    Edit: nevermind, found it.
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    Animactus reacted to zapyoug in The Cream of the Shit Crop   
    After going through the first mark on the amx ac 48, I can honestly say that it's the worst thing I've touched in a while. To sum up the quality in just a few words, I fished my churchill GC out of the dumpster to play it for a few games after the first mark on the amx and it legitimately felt like a strong tank in comparison. The tank is such an abomination that even the O-Ho outclasses it with ease at the tier.
    So, naturally I am trying to 3 mark it. Working towards the second/third mark today on stream and I'll be doing the foch and 155 once this is done.
    streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/abandoned_spirit for anyone who wants to see me fail/occasional cameos from cat.
    @Kolni joining me when?
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    Animactus got a reaction from OperatorError in Survey: How much are you worth to me alive?   
    ***Start Survey***
    ***Part 1 – Demographic Data***
    Directions: Please fill in the missing data
    World of Tanks Screen Name,Marco_Paulo
    Server (NA, EU, RU, SEA… ) ,NA
    Battles Played,23806
    Average Win Rate,58.41
    Average WN8,2404
    Recent WN8,2722
    Recent Win Rate,61.74
    ***Part 2 – Your Expectations for Other Players***
    Directions: Listed below are 6 different questions that pertain to 3 different groups of players. The 3 groups are “Bad”, “Average”, and “Good”. It is not my intent to quibble about what makes a player good or bad, and you are welcome to your own opinion. But for the purposes of this survey we will use the following numbers, which roughly group players into the top and bottom 20% of the player base, with everyone else being average.
    “Bad” means less than a 47% recent win rate
    “Average” means between 47% and 54% recent win rate
    “Good” means above a 54% recent win rate
    For each of these groups, you will be asked to rate the potential of that friendly tank to do further damage to enemy tanks by the end of the game. The groups are subdivided the relative tier of the tank compared to the battle tier, and again by their remaining health. For this survey, assume that “low health” means that tank will die the next time it’s hit.
    Give a number of shots of damage you think that tank will do by the end of the game. Use integers such as 0, 1, 2, 3. For example, if you think an “Average” player in a full health medium tank will do 7 shots of damage per game, answer “7”.
    Do not attempt to consider what actual tier the tanks are, i.e. a tier 8 tank is simply “top tier” in battle tier 8, and “bottom tier” in battle tier 10. Also do not attempt to consider the damage per shot of the gun, answer only in the number of penetrating shots regardless of actual damage output.
    A “Bad” player driving a top tier tank on full health,3
    A “Bad” player driving a middle tier tank on full health,2
    A “Bad” player driving a bottom tier tank on full health,1
    A “Bad” player driving a top tier tank on low health,1
    A “Bad” player driving a middle tier tank on low health,0
    A “Bad” player driving a bottom tier tank on low health,0
    An “Average” player driving a top tier tank on full health,4
    An “Average” player driving a middle tier tank on full health,2
    An “Average” player driving a bottom tier tank on full health,1
    An “Average” player driving a top tier tank on low health,2
    An “Average” player driving a middle tier tank on low health,1
    An “Average” player driving a bottom tier tank on low health,0
    A “Good” player driving a top tier tank on full health,6
    A “Good” player driving a middle tier tank on full health,4
    A “Good” player driving a bottom tier tank on full health,3
    A “Good” player driving a top tier tank on low health,3
    A “Good” player driving a middle tier tank on low health,2
    A “Good” player driving a bottom tier tank on low health,1
    ***Part 3 – Your Actual Playstyle***
    Directions: Please rate each question on a scale of 1-5, where 1 means you completely disagree, and 5 means you completely agree. Please answer truthfully, and base your answer on how you really act in a typical random battle.
    I sacrifice my own health to preserve my teammates’ health,2
    I sacrifice my own health to keep a teammate alive,3
    I would sacrifice my tank so that teammate would live,1
    I position my tank to support low health or struggling my teammates,4
    I position my tank to try to share damage with nearby teammates,4
    Keeping friendly tanks alive is the best way to ensure a win,3
    Other players are responsible for staying alive on their own,3
    I do more to help friendly tanks that are higher tier,4
    I do more to help friendly tanks that are driven by “good” players,4
    ***Part 4 – Optional Comment***
    If you so desire, write a brief comment (~25 words) describing your philosophy on saving teammates in random battles.
    Comments,I will sacrifice my tank/health for an ally only if I know it increases our chances of winning significantly. 
    ***End Survey***
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    Animactus reacted to Jaegaer in WN9 candidate prototype   
    We need someone to push/promote WN9 to the XVM guys. XVM is what makes or breaks WNx - if they implement it, it flies, if not it dies - period.
    It's only other chance is that WN8 gets invalidate should WG ever implement even half of the sweeping changes they tested on Sandbox (small chance, I know). This would change tanks so much that history based WN8 would loose any meaning fast...
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    Animactus reacted to Gryphon_ in What is WN8K (aka WN8KTTC)   
    If the WN8KTTC rating uses the WN8 formula but with a different set of expected values then I hope whoever did that read the megathread in here where we spent eons trying to figure out how to update the expected values at all. 
    Things that WN8KTTC expected values method needs to consider:
    The data has to be filtered to remove tanks with low battles per player, and tanks where the player isn't good on that tank (WN8 expected values only consider each player's top 50% of tanks that have over 50 battles played). The expected values for any tank are calculated (using only the filtered data) such that the rSTATs achieved by the players playing the tank are statistically same as they achieve overall, for the 'benchmark' player (WN8 = 1565).  If you come up with expected values and don't use filters then you introduce a ton of trash into the dataset. If you derive expected values that are based on some relative aspect of tanks performance that isn't tied back to overall player performance then the scale will differ from WN8.
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    Animactus reacted to _Assad in WN9 candidate prototype   
    Go release wn9 now u faggot 
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    Animactus reacted to Boodaxe in WN9 candidate prototype   
    With so many people leaving game, and many now not using xvm what is the point of win8/9? Seems a lot of work for nothing. Why not just use the figures from garage? It is nothing more than a poor video game after all.
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