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  1. I agree that a WT auf Pz V. would work decently, but only if they decided to give it the same 17cm gun as the Jagdpanzer E-100 with a turret and ~2.5ish second aimtime. It would be a brilliant support tank, but still easily defeatable with a ~25 second reload, not so great gun handling, terrible armor, and only decent mobility. This would fit nicely in after the WT auf Pz 4 seeing as the point of the tank would be a "cheap to manufacture" platform with a great gun to balance it out.
  2. Ridiculous "nerf," not only does it make the tank better, but the 150mm loses viability I'm betting they'll "nerf" the hull next patch, i.e. replace the E-100 hull with the E-50M hull.
  3. An average game in the M103 is doing 1500 damage, then dying because arty blasted me for 1000 damage and I then get swarmed by rampaging mediums or heavies. A lucky game in the M103 is bouncing a shot. And then the enemy somehow (the E 75 is actually smaller than this abomination) doesn't notice you while you start blasting away at their flanks and then ending up with more than 3K damage. And also the enemy being uncoordinated enough to not swarm you the moment you get spotted. A tank which relies solely on the enemy making mistakes is a bad tank in my opinion, the M103 has no way of forcing the enemy to make a mistake.
  4. I don't even notice the difference, the tank's problem is getting into positions where it can lay down the fire without getting shot back, the fire control and reload doesn't improve enough to make a notable difference.
  5. I just watched three of your replays, and what I've learnt so far is: M103's armor works when facing tomatoes who doesn't autoaim. M103 wants to play like a pure opportunistic support tank and relies on teammates to soak up damage. M103 does not want to be noticed by the enemy. Your opposition on NA server is significantly less competent than what I'm facing on EU server, no one aims at your turret for some bizarre reason and every match consisted of idiots who cowered behind cover while you reloaded. In every replay I watched, the T54E1 would have done a significantly better job.
  6. Having more fun in this tank, I've found out the hard way that the armor is absolutely worthless, a Pershing penned my turret frontally five times in a row today without hitting the cupola while shooting AP... Also had fun trying to catch an E 75 around a rock on acrtic region, which was impossible due to the E 75 being just as fast.
  7. The game has changed significantly from 8.5, M103 has a new armor model and the accuracy buff has made the cupola easier to hit. The roof of the turret is 38mm, which means it'll get autopenned by every tier 9 heavy and quite a few tier 8 heavies a lot of the time because it's sloped downwards like on the Tiger II. The strip above the gun mantlet is 117mm thick, which means that most tanks with 200mm pen or more will pen that part as well, and then there's the cheeks and turret ring... I really don't expect anything to bounce while playing this tank now, most pubbies will simply snapshot me if I try to poke and about 80% of the time they will pen me frontally because the turret is made of cardboard. I'm not sure I believe that, I tried the E5 on the test server just now, and it bounced a lot more while the gun performed noticeably better than on the 103. First match I tried on test server:
  8. I'm banging my head against the wall playing this tank, what am I supposed to do in it? It can't play like a true heavy tank, seeing as the armor is garbage, the alpha is lowest in tier, and the turret is paper. It can't play like any kind of medium because it has no camo or mobility. Playing it like some kind of TD seems like a waste because of the lack of camo, huge size, and poor DPM. Basically, I can't find any role or style of play this tank excels at, which I kind of understand is a design choice by WG, but I'm failing to see any point to the tank. Is there something I'm not getting here?
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