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    Object 263 Appreciation Thread

    I searched and didn't find any threads on her. IMO this tank is a secret gem only thing that really ruins the tank is arty and people spamming gold ammo. The tank is very cheap to run as a tier X and can be a sniper or get in close to brawl. You really have to be careful against taller tanks cause they can shoot right into the open top. Other than that never show or side or you will get racked
  2. just_started

    FV4005 Stage II

    Anyone know how to play this tank I am struggling? The equipment for the tank is another dilemma too. Rammer/gld/(optics/binos), full dpm build, or one with a camo net? This is my first 183 tank it is fun to 1 shot people, but the tank takes glass cannon to a whole new level. Not to mention the subpar view range of 390m which is 10m less than the 183. I really think this vehicle could use some buffs such as 420m view range, 950hp engine, and a slightly faster reload.
  3. just_started

    Skill Stagnating?

    I feel the same way I've kind of peaked as a player. One thing I notice about good purple players is they know the maps very well and can play positions not normally used. Along with using the terrain to your advantage it's definitely an area I am lacking in. I could never jive with 2nd line mediums always fail at playing them. Against all odds purple players seem to get their guns in the game and do damage no matter what.
  4. just_started

    Object 263 Appreciation Thread

    My biggest gripe with people using heat was they didn't bother to learn the weakspots of the tank. Usually I would get in a good location to hide my LFP and people really couldn't do anything depending on the tank they played. 263's are still a quite rare and it's funny to see how some players go about trying to damage your tank. It's a unique tank and I really enjoy player her, but yeah the grind isn't that fun. I must have failed hard when searching I tried multiple entries and got nothing :/ AR-15 nice game the pool's medal has eluded me my entire WOT career along with Kolobanov's I always choke.
  5. just_started


    Just fix arty, rework prem shells to do less damage, make HE somewhat viable, reduce the alpha damage of big gun TD's, and the fix maps. I'll be sad to see my 183 go, but she is an OP tank that's expensive to run. Really hope they rework the Foch 155 to have that 120mm would make it more interesting to play.
  6. just_started


    I just repurchased this tank back by selling my M53/55 and ConqGC (yay!). It's quite fun to play however it is a love hate relationship. Fuel tanks, ammo racks, engine damage, and even broken guns are common occurrences. This tank is so much more fun to play than the 121 the extra gun depression and hit points really help. I feel that WG will always make Chinese tanks inferior
  7. just_started

    Izumo support group

    First game after I read your post an Iowa shot me and detonated my magazine for full hp.
  8. just_started

    Izumo support group

    I'm around 170k from the Yamato currently and I can say the ship is a little underwhelming for her tier. The weak deck armor I can live with if it wasn't for the main turrets getting knocked out permanently all the time. I purchased the C hull last night which I was not planning on doing. Not sure if it's just a placebo effect, but the C hull seems to have better dispersion even though the stats are the same. I tend to play my Izumo more dangerously by showing broadsides between enemy salvos. I just can't stand firing 6 guns because you get that one turret who completely derps on the dispersion most of the time. I would say Mesrith's guide is spot on.
  9. just_started

    The WoWS carry and carry Fail Thread

    This is how you carry a team of Derpitz hard...
  10. just_started

    What could be improved?

    My biggest issue right now is the Midway and cruiser balance. There is almost no reason if you solo q to play a high tier cruiser apart from the Zao. As a high tier cruiser you are forced to play at range because if you come within ~13km or less you will get wrecked by BB's. I see a lot of people ditching the cruisers and going for the BB's at higher tiers. There is also no reward for teamwork at all side from winning which no one seems to care about. Should they make cruiser shells faster or lower the arc? Or give them a designated target increase like Deus mentioned above.
  11. As a BB player I'm looking forward to more of them (BB's) regardless of nation. Curious to see what their strengths and weaknesses are. Would like to see Italian tree next or French.
  12. I was originally going to buy the Tirpitz too, but after the delay and the possibility of the game not being around that long I bought doubloons instead. I finally made it up to the Izumo and the high tiers are the most boring aspect of the game. Everyone is so cowardly because of the repairs costs. Then in matches without CV's you are either running or shooting at running ships for 20 minutes. I just heard now ships like the Kitakami/Ise will be reward ships since noobs cannot play them correctly. Seriously do the devs even think at all?
  13. Yeah like a noob I took one on head to head and got wrecked Warspite hits hard Only reason I'm more interested in Tirpitz is the fast speed, gun traverse, rudder shift, and most importantly torps!
  14. One of my biggest grips is the low tier carriers. Most of the low tier BB's have barely any AA and are just sitting ducks to skilled seal clubbers. In my New York a guy managed to take 2/3's of my HP before I even got into gun range or fired my first salvo. He dropped torps at 0.7 km which are impossible to dodge and none were duds. There seems to be barely any team work at low tiers and everyone just goes their separate ways. With 21 knot speeds most people cruise at full speed leaving you vulnerable. Then there are those matches where you have no carrier at all on your team. If WG decides to not fix CV's I might as well just solely play cruisers. Lack of teamwork is my biggest issue with this game seems to be non existent unless you division with buddies. I've only played up to tier 6 (Have a kongo, NY, and cleveland) though. Looking forward to the Tirpitz though glad I didn't buy the Warspite
  15. I find both lines to have their +'s and -'s. The tier 4 myogi is just utter trash like the South Carolina. Then the US line is insanely slow until tier 8 which sucks when you reach the bigger sized maps. I always have the problem of being too aggressive or too passive. Kongo/Fuso are very fun and the Nagato/Colorado are just meh. Only made it to the Amagi and New Mexico on CBT.
  16. What BB line would you guys recommend? I hear the Yamato is a better tier X.
  17. just_started

    How to get gud@ships?

    Looks like I'm going to have to try dling some mods. I really love BB's, but I find them very frustrating to play perfectly aim shots always troll me with RNG. So far I have been playing US cruisers and some DD's which are a little more fast paced.
  18. just_started

    Individual Missions: A How-To Guide

    Not pictured: 2,000 minimum damage requirement. That was quite close. Now all I have left to do is 6k damage and 3 kills in a TD. Time to cycle T110E4/183/268 matches, I suppose. Good luck, I skipped the LT missions for the t28 and stug IV, but for the T-55A the arty mission difficulty or randomness is just crazy. I'm almost at the T-55A, but I have ran out of silver to buy tanks I need to easily do the last few missions (Fv304, sta-1, t-54).
  19. just_started

    WoWS hits Closed Beta March 12th!

    Hope I can get in tomorrow really looking forward to this game.
  20. Ran into him today he sat in the back of Sacred Village camping. The enemy was capping on encounter he refused to go reset it and of course I could not make it back in time. I asked him what he was doing he said the tank costs too much to repair... Lately I've been on a team killing spree in my 183 shooting idiots on my team who block me or are just completely useless. The amount of idiots getting tier 10 heavies nowadays is just getting out of hand.
  21. just_started

    FV4005 Stage II

    So you dont even have the FV4005 unlocked and you say it does not need a buff? Even a quick back to back comparison on the test server you can see how bad the FV4005 is compared to the FV215B 183. I just recently unlocked the FV215B 183 on the live server and it is so much better than the FV4005. Since the armor buff you can actually bounce e-100, e3/e4, and even jagd e-100 off the turret reliably sometimes even HEAT rounds. The only draw back to the FV215B 183 so far is the longer aim time and slightly worse accuracy which I am wiliing to live with since I have usable armor. I sold my FV4005 and will only buy it back if they decide to buff it in the future. I have to admit the FV215B 183 is still a little broken and after the armor buff it can be really strong. I have made a quick pro and con of each 183 tank. Literally the FV4005 has one and only 1 redeaming quality. Even though the FV215B 183 has some negatives they are still workable and dont make the tank completely useless like the latter. FV215B 183 + Decent camo + Bouncy turret + Can side grind + Same view range as FV4005 - Frontal engine and fuel tanks - Slow traverse - Slightly slower - Slightly worse aimtime/accuracy FV4005 - Horrible camo - Slow turret - Harder to play - No armor - Sluggish - Can get repeatedly penned without being able to shoot enemy back - 45 degree gun arc worse on this tank because turret is in front. + Faster aiming more accurate than FV215B 183 + Slightly more mobile
  22. just_started

    Individual missions: Q & A

    This is one way in which the missions require you to platoon up with buddies to beat them easier. I managed to complete it with the M53/55 in a tier 9 game in which I had the most lucky game of my life. I was platooning with my buddy in his tier 8 m40/43 and he was getting really good base XP (900ish) in the higher tiers matches for doing around 3k+ damage. If anyone is struggling with the SPG missions try doing this it will make your life easier.
  23. Glad to see that conway on your list I feel the tank is under rated by a lot of people. I enjoyed the conway more than the charioteer because you have some armor and amazing DPM and gun handling. Sad thing is I was averaging almost 3k damage a game in it which is higher than my fv4005 . Still waiting for my fv4005 buff WG. I found the archer to be fun also, but because of it's weird quirks it caused me to die a few times. The entire brit line is quite painful there are some real gems, but most of the tanks are just shit. Not much to say about charioteer play style just like a hellcat you can get up close, but you really need to avoid being hit while keeping you gun in the game. My biggest gripe with the camo reliant tanks is that WG is having a serious hard on for them and has removed a lot of great spots to play them in. Not to mention the incoming TD view range nerfs and the old camo nerf. Some of the TD's should have been nerfed (I'm looking at you WT line) but others will become even worse. Not every camo tank gets an insane alpha gun.
  24. just_started

    Tips & Hints needed for Tier 10 "normal" MT gameplay

    Even with the great dpm of the STB-1 I still feel the 62A and 140 are superior in most ways because of the laser pointer accuracy and insane snapshot ability. I often find myself fighting in positions with russians mediums that are hulldown or peek and snap shot me. With the terrible gun handling on the stb-1 it is hard to compete most of the time unless you load heat even then you risk bouncing with the crap gun handling. I'm even running a 4 skill crew and all premium consumables. I would recommend getting the 140 also it is a great tank if you want to get some extra gun depression that the 62a does not have. If you really want to be OP just load straight heat the game completely becomes broken at that point. There is a reason so many unicums enjoy playing the russian meds. Dont get me wrong the STB-1 can bounce like crazy when using it's gun depression sadly there are not too many of those spots in this game anymore.
  25. just_started

    Individual missions: Q & A

    For that mission I personally used the object 704. I also have a foch 155/fv4005/object 263. You do not need a camo TD if you get the right map shoot from outside 445m. You can also do the bush sniper trick where you spot and roll back then shoot. Having a bunch of tanks to choose from has helped me complete many of the missions with relative easy. As long as you dont get spotted when the dmg was done I think you are fine. Not sure though I always did the damage before I got spotted. It certainly could be done in a lower alpha tank I just find it much easier using high alpha tanks personally. Good luck with the light missions I reached the T-55A by skipping them. I found them too dependent on team actually doing something which was more frustrating than just clicking. Even then the arty missions are not easy unless you have certain arties either. Most of the missions I completed by myself certainly if I platooned 24/7 I could have had the T-55A by now. One tank I have found very useful for the TD missions is the SU-122-44. I'm on one now called Big Caliber I have to do 4 times the hit points of my vehicle in damage. In the avg tier x you are looking at around 8k ish which is a really good game. Where in the SU 4k is not too hard to achieve.