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  1. Sorely tempted to drop tags for this, as for a new name I'd suggest "KlanKommander"
  2. Yay! Moar LIMBO scrubs like me. Also, on the "trading shots" thing, that comes down (In my baddeh opinion) to good positioning which is in turn a result of good map/tank awareness. IE Knowing based on your lineup and theirs who's likely to go where on the map and what key positions will be. Just my 2cents
  3. So not that big a deal? Had me worried for a bit there. I might drop tags anyways, platooning with WotLabs peeps has been more productive than most of my attempts at platooning with clanmates.
  4. Hey! I've been lurking these forums for a while now, learning as much as I possibly can, and I have everyone here at WotLabs to thank for my progress. I wasn't quite sure which forum to post this in, but here goes: How heavily is clan history considered when applying to top tier clans? These past few days, I've had several people with good-to-great stats dismiss me or my opinion in pubs thanks entirely to my clam tags. "You're in LIMBO that's all I need to know". I did some sluething and found out that my CO made a few badpoasts in CR/D, so now the landholding clans seem to see our members as a joke. How badly will this affect me when time comes for me to apply for a CW clan? (no t10 just yet)
  5. Hey there! Just discovered this forum and I'm already excited to start learning how I can improve. I think I'm an ok player, but seeing some of the stats on here I know I have a long way to go! I think my main problem is playing too aggressively, as my survival rate and cap/reset points seem to be where my Wn7 is weakest. If anyone ever wants to platoon, especially any of you upper end players . I have the same name in-game.
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