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  1. Just to keep this up to date... Wargaming has released a WoT Mac Wrapper. Runs great on my Mac mini late 2012, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 with Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB 30-40+ FPS and no crashes/issues on Minimum setting. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/forum/421-wot-mac-wrapper-support/
  2. Thanks! Moved to the top of my reading list. Much better day today! Returned my focus to helping my team win and improving my play. What do you know? Best average damage day to date, including a Master tanker, high caliber on Himmelsdork of all maps.
  3. I first read the OP last night on the way to bed. I was thinking... wow this was written for me and just when I need it too. Thanks Gashtag! Especially resonating at the moment, Damage farming vs playing:, Haw2lern: and The keys: I recently switched from lights (as in lights and little damage) to an M8A1. 487 battles all solo pub and 57% WR. I'm thinking this is Kool, I'm moving to a T49 so I can really blow some shit up and boost my horrific WN8. Wrong! I got totally off my game focusing on damage. Couldn't win shit, mixing it up close with red blobs (what mini map?) and just generall
  4. Great news for would-be scouts. Absolutely, however killing them with a Cruiser III from a distance in camo is so much fun I may never make it to T10. The first shot through the front makes them squirm and wiggle (delicious) trying to find you. The second shot through the front makes them turn to run with the kill shot typically through the side or back.
  5. Oh, thanks! After reading through some really good WN8 threads here, it seems WN8 does not measure what or at least the way I thought it did. Now I have a headache and missed several games played.
  6. I am perplexed by it too and open to trouble shooting it. Part of me says screw WN8 but as a measure of playing a tanks potential it seems really useful.
  7. That is a perfectly reasonable assumption given the disparity between my W8 and WR. The truth is I have never platooned. I am curious to give it a try though. Some of the disparity I can explain because I sucked early and often. The rest because I was trying to be a scout without having even half a clue or even knowing the maps well. I would go game after game with a few to several spots and spotting damage along with several personal bounces and typically a goose egg in damage. Pretty frustrating game play really.
  8. Hi all, First and foremost, I love this game! I wish I had found this site around 2,800 battles ago and especially this line from DingBat's That is a great recommendation. I've recently learned enough to fully appreciate just how little I know and this site is a huge help already. My favorite tank at the moment is the M8A1, I can actually pen shit, wow. Goodbye lights at least for now. is just awesome. I'm learning the maps and starting to play better. Hell, I've even gone a few weeks without slamming my mouse on the desk. Much more fun! I'm excited to give Medi
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