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  1. WZ-131, 2.7k dealt, 3.3k assisted. http://wotreplays.com/site/2088834#stats EDIT: This replay demonstrates bush-spotting done properly. Coordinated with other LT's and 1-2 'ing tanks for major damage. (dealt between most LT's) Highlights of the replay: Timing your push (waited for enemy LT's to get occupied elsewhere, and used their downtime to push into more forward position)Out-spotting and vision-controlling dangerous tanks Outplaying enemy scout tanks (in early game, if met enemy LT, staying mobile to evade fire, also allowing teammates to shoot enemy LT, effectively denying him good positions)Bush spotting mechanics, double bush firing Trigger discipline, setting up your enemy for optimal benefit of your team and pouncing when ready Bonus: We get a chance to observe a T26E4 from close range, in its natural habitat, minding its own business... Such majestic creatures. It's dangerous to be this close; these beasts are known to be territorial, and highly dangerous. Remember to stay upwind to your prey.
  2. T-34-3 in Kharkov - Standard. Double tapping Tier VIII 's with an ally FCM 50t. http://wotreplays.com/site/2082229#stats ~4.5k damage. Tried to tank for my FCM against pesky Tier VI MT and Tier VII LT at the start of the game. Managed to shoo them off our flank Blocked IS-3 shot with my turret and created nice cover for my FCM to shoot behind. While FCM was side-scraping, I flanked to a hull-down spot and provided cover-fire. Helped lower enemy HT hp's to one-shot territory for my FCM to finish them off quickly. Flanked an enemy T26E4 which FCM was keeping busy. Our LT joined in, even FCM flanked him so it got a little bit crowded behind T26E4's ass Twitching LT couldn't keep still for split second and drove in front of my shot, killing him and letting T26E4 kill our FCM in the process. NVM, drove up some debris to get some gun depression to finish him off. Last confrontation was against a full APCR Bulldog. Engagement control and face-hugging ftw. Edit: Equipment: Rammer - VStab. - Vent. I know I should've went for the flat turret on my second shot on KV-5, but since it was not a critical situation, I wanted to test if I could pen his rear armor at that angle with HEAT. EDIT: (the only HEAT round that I fired this game, rest is AP) edited for clarity
  3. ^ I double this, there are pretty interesting candidates coming soon. As for your listed tanks: Rexxie pretty much covered the most important parts. All that is left to add is my personal experience: I also own an IS-6 and 50t. I've recently bought a T-34-3 on new years discount. I've chosen to play the T-34-3 over my other premiums since I bought it. Why? Because it's a true medium tank with premium mm. You can flex easily, also has decent turret armor and workable hull armor against lower tiers especially. This fact greatly increases your carry potential compared to other candidates. Coping with the -3 gun depression and derpy gun actually puts a smile on my face, and keeps things interesting. ("Holy shit how did that one miss!" *second one ammoracks enemy* "adfasdfasdfa") ("Come on come on hnnnngggggg swerve! reach! gnn!" *finally bears down the gun and pulls off the shot, meaty high roll* "yesssssssssss!") (*3rd miss in a row, now enemy has escaped behind building and continues wrecking allies face* "welp, he is RNG's chosen one I guess") Oh, the earnings are pretty good too. The difference is; with the fun factor, it feels hardly like a grind, which is nice.
  4. Here is one of my older games, received 12.790 potential damage. 10k+ potential damage received is achievable reliably with IS-4 family of tanks (KV-4 and onwards). It might be a good choice to complete this mission.
  5. Day N Update: Now that I've finished the challenge, I can provide you with final conclusions. I completed half of the Japanese challenge with Chi-To and remainder with Chi-Ri. I can tell you that imho Chi-Ri was the better choice for this mission. With its 3 round mag, it has better damage and kill secure potential. (made the second half of the grind a breeze) Thanks for your input, and good luck.
  6. I don't hate Chi-Ri... No... No... I hate arty when playing Chi-Ri.... (for more info, pls refer to ) <stronk language!> Picture this: Done nice damage, grabbed kills. No dmg. received yet. Thinking to myself : "Doing good so far. Can do better." NO! (1 hit K.O. from Arty) Balanced.
  7. Yeah, after a love-hate relationship, I've finally achieved my ACE tanker badge for Chi-To. Time to move on to bigger and... well, bigger things. http://wotreplays.com/site/1517506#pearl_river-derathor-type_4_chi-to
  8. Decided that I needed more dome-turrets in my garage. Was not disappointed. I need to get used to the (lack of) dpm though, it needs a more "careful" medium tank approach, which I'm trying to adapt. V.STAB + GLD + gunner and driver stability skills makes the gun really manageable. Once, I managed to out-snipe a Leo PT A with this thing. It is really really fun to play. Also made the chinese part of "the grind" a breeze. Ye, totally a fan. From Eur-OP.
  9. Day 17 Update: Holy **** ************ ... Chi-To is really holding his own for the challenge. Not only in kills department, but in damage too.
  10. Day 7 Update: Chi-To is doing surprisingly well. My newly acquired sixth sense might have some influence in this outcome . I'll get the chi-ri on the 24th (equipment discount) as planned; but I'll also keep the chi-to in garage just in case, as an emergency back-up. Hope this positive trend continues.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I think I'm going to play my Chi-To until the 23rd, transfer my crew to the Chi-Ri, then use the equipment discount @ 24th. If I can't get an ACE for Chi-To until then, I'll keep the tank and come back after my crew has some more 1337 skillz (after finishing tier IX grind, for example) and try again. Sincerely, I think it might be refreshing to play something other than Chi-To, no matter how horrible it is. If worst comes to worst; I can always buy my way out of the grind so I got that going for me, which is nice. Well, let's see how it turns out. Good luck to everyone grinding for the WZ
  12. Which one of these tanks do you think would be better for this particular type of grind? (150 kills + 150k damage per nation ) I'm set for all nations except the Japanese. Here's why: As soon as it was introduced, I rushed for Tier VI A.S.A.P. for the IS-6 grind last year. Completed the grind with Chi-To. Low quality play because of the rush and repetitiveness greatly hindered my stats with this vehicle. I never touched it again after finishing the grind. (Not willing to play it again for a long time unless necessary) My Chi-To is elite, I haven't bought the Chi-Ri yet. Thanks.
  13. Thank you very much for this giveaway, and congrats for the 1M! P.S. I already own a B2, I'd prefer the gold if I happen to win. Thanks.
  14. Hi everyone, hows it going? Been here for a while, lurking, shuffling through guides and whatnot, getting to know the peeps, checking the water... And I think I like it here, so, hey! My stats: Noobmeter: http://www.noobmeter...thor/503905931/ WoT Player Profile: http://worldoftanks....05931-Derathor/ Having previous experience with MMO games, I knew that learning the game beforehand means less grinding and better stats. Therefore I sifted through the game guide, forums, wiki(s), watched lots of game play videos and accumulated as much info as possible before even playing my 1st battle. I'm also a College student, therefore many times I had to take leave from wot for extended periods of time. (3 months leave, then 1.5 month intense playing and so forth) this condition greatly hampered my progress, because I had to catch-up everytime I came back. I'm trying to better organize many aspects of my life in order to be more efficient, and to find more time to things that I want to do on the side (like being able to play world of tanks). > I'm currently planning to improve using "Kewei (sensei)'s way" (or Kewei-do™) by cleaning his ca... no, by spearheading to tier X as soon as possible and prospering by being a semi-sentient sand bag 1337 player which learns from his mistakes. Currently, I'm aiming for the new, non-op (in soviet standards) medium Obj. 430 to get the job done. Aiming for a mastery badge and good stats at each tier before advancing, to improve properly. Feedback is greatly appreciated. I try to follow Sir Foch, Quicky Baby, Orzanel, Circon. Wotlabs introduced me to many good NA players as well, I've managed to follow Sela's stream and Garbad's replays so far and they helped me improve a lot. Also, lots and lots of people from wotlabs forums that I don't know too well to remember their names (yet), that helped me one way or another, thanks! I frequently use wotreplays.com for high exp. matches on the vehicles that I'm currently grinding to improve my play-style. Also started using the "purple poaster replay place" to learn much stronk taktiks. I usually play alone because I do not wish to rely on platoons too much in my current state of the game. Any other advice and feedback for improving my game is greatly appreciated. Thanks again guys, and see you around.
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